Notes from Triple H’s post In Your Head media conference

Jun 7, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

– Triple H says Damian Priest had the breakout performance of the night and showed how legit he was.

– Triple H says Karrion Kross is a game-changing new talent that’s shifted the entire landscape – and that he may just stop the momentum of a Keith Lee or an Adam Cole.

– He says Code Orange drove 20 hours from Pittsburgh to Florida to perform at NXT TakeOver, and the band set up all their own stuff to keep the number of bodies in the building down.

– In terms of talent, The Game confirmed we will see movement, maybe even TO NXT, but said we have to wait and see regarding Velveteen Dream.

– Triple H responds saying people may well move in the other direction like Finn Balor did, and that “you can only wrestle the same people for so long.”

– Triple H confirms that the only “injury” to note is Johnny Gargano. Says his lower back is a bit banged up but he’ll be fine.

Notes that everyone else is fine so far, but that adrenaline is a hell of a thing!

– He said that a lot of the day-to-day pressures were alleviated so he could better focus on expanding NXT on a global scale.

– Triple H says his duties didn’t really change with his new title, it was related to NXT going live on TV and expanding globally. It was more of a focus on that, as opposed to the day-to-day responsibilities he had. He says a lot of people don’t understand the titles.

– Triple H says that the finish of the WWE NXT Women’s Championship Match tonight was “done in the way it was done for a very specific reason for storytelling purposes” and that we should know why it happened in 3-4 months if everything goes to plan.

– Triple H says the culmination of Charlotte’s NXT booking will make sense in 3-4 months, but right now it looks like she won the Rumble over Shayna and minimized her Mania match, halted Ripley’s momentum and exhausted a bunch of Champion vs. Champion matches without being pinned

(sources: Sean Ross Sapp of & Gary Cassidy)

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