Former WWE referee not a fan of Cody bleeding in his match vs. Jungle Boy

Jun 7, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas was not a fan of Cody Rhodes bleeding in his match vs Jungle Boy especially during the Pandemic:

“I can go on and on about the refereeing [in AEW], the lack of logic, and the way they distract the referees being uncreative and just brutal, burying the referees, but there was something else that happened last night. Cody Rhodes hard-waying himself, getting blood, and getting sympathy upon himself in his match against Jungle Boy. Yes, I understand the goal was to get Jungle Boy to the next level [and] elevate him even though he was going to lose the match and that was very possible to do without the use of blood,” said Jimmy. “We have to think about the times we’re in right now. Yes, we want to evolve pro wrestling. Yes, we want it to get better and [we want to] be creative and think outside of the box, but the one thing we shouldn’t be thinking about is the use of blood. Yes, it [isn’t] ballet. Accidents happen but this was no accident, it was intentional. We’re living in pandemic times. Blood is a no-no, plain and simple.”

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