Triple H Thinks Rhea Ripley Losing The NXT Women’s Title Helped Her Character

Jun 6, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with TalkSport, Triple H spoke about Rhea Ripley losing the NXT Women’s title at Wrestlemania and how he thinks it ultimately helped her character. Here are highlights:

On Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania: “For me, I’ve been thrilled with this whole thing and I think this speaks to Charlotte as a performer. And I know sometimes she’s bashed because of her dad and her name and everything else. No matter what she does sometimes, it’s criticized. But, to me, it just speaks to her as a performer that she would want to do this. That she would work across all the brands if she could, that she would want to carry that torch when it was put in front of her and to do this. And really, the long term on this is to build up other talent and as spectacular as a moment as Rhea Ripley had and then going into WrestleMania, I wish they could have had that in the stadium. I wish they could have had that in front of fans. I wish for both of them – for everybody [of course] – for Rhea to have that moment and to have it with Charlotte in that stadium would have been a making moment for her.”

On Ripley losing the title: “For me, that loss almost helps her as a character get to where she needs to be for the longterm arc of who she is. You know, the burn out factor in stuff is quick and intense with short attention spans and everything else, so, to me, this is phenomenal. Charlotte carries with her the aura of – whether perceived by her work or a behind the scenes standpoint – somebody that is unbeatable or is this champion that carries herself in a different light. You feel it; at least I do when I see her on TV. She carries herself in a different way. To have Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai step in the ring with that and do what they all can do, they’re going to tear this thing up on Sunday. I know they will.”

On those who say Flair has been handed everything: “There is nothing Charlotte likes more than when people say she has been given something and then going out there and putting on performance of that night and showing everybody why she is where she is. I know Rhea feels like she’s got something to prove. That where she was wasn’t a fluke and stuff like that. Io Shirai is ready and willing and able to step up to that level. To be the greatest in-ring female in the world – you could make that argument very easily. This match will be off the chart, I know they are going to want to steal the show and take it to another level and I’m thrilled with where it’s at.”

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