Chris Bey talks Slammiversary Talent Tease, Still Pinching Himself on Signing with Impac

Jun 6, 2020 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Chris Bey
Date: 06/05/20
Your Host: James Walsh

In a time where no one can agree on anything, the one thing we all can rally behind is our love of pro wrestling. Join us as we welcome one of the hottest young stars to come down the pike in any company in quite some time. He is the “Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey!

In this fun 15 minute chat, Bey discusses still feeling the need to pinch himself over being in Impact Wrestling, the fact Cody Rhodes mentioned AEW’s interest in signing him the day Impact announced he signed there, and we even get into a little speculation about who might be coming in or back to Impact as teased in their new Slammiversary commercial/trailer. Plus, we even talk about a little Swing Thing! Johnny Swinger, friend of the show, is Mr. Bey’s tag partner in the Finesse and Bench Press Express! That might be my favorite team name since Viscious and Delicious in WCW/nWo!

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On how he is enjoying his time thus far in Impact:
“So far, so great. I’m happy being a part of Impact Wrestling and I’m very excited for where we’re going. I’m very excited to be a part of wrestling right now. This is everything that I love. To be here with this team and with the history that we have, and the process of creating my own history – It is super sweet! I still have to pinch myself sometimes!”

On Cody Rhodes saying he was “deep diving Youtube on Chris Bey” the day Impact announced his signing:
“(laughs) Those are things you can never predict. It is super cool. But, you’ve got to keep moving to what is next.”

On teaming with Johnny Swinger:
“I’m loving teaming with Johnny Swinger! He’s hilarious and very entertaining. So, if you don’t know, you have to check it out! I’m glad you know because I’m still trying to figure out exactly what he is or who he is supposed to be other than very entertaining! But, that’s the Swing Man, Daddy! (laughs) He’s got the moves, he’s got the gimmicks, and he’s got the fanny pack! (laughs) He’s teaching me a lot going forward to my next challenge.”

On his team name with Swinger:
“The Finesse and Bench Press Express! (laughs) As long as it has Finesse in it. I bench press too! But, he’s got a wider chest than me. His singlet hangs off the side of his chest. But, the Bench Press, Finesse Express, Finesse and Bench Press Express! It works for me. We’re all good. It basically is describing me twice! But, I’ll say that fits for both of us.”

On his feud with Willie Mack and Mack’s unique skills at his size:
“You know, he’s not traditional (X Division). But, When I think untraditional X Division, I think Samoa Joe. Willie Mack is currently the X Division Champion. That is super cool because I have known him for a while now. I know how humble he is and how hard he works. It is super cool that he was able to beat Ace Austin. Right now, he’s cruising around with the X Division Championship and putting on some great matches. But, unfortunately for him, I’m on his heals. I want that championship probably a lot more than he ever wanted it. So, right now, he’s the target. Unfortunately for him, I’ve got great aim. I’m focussed right on him. I’m not going to rest and I’m not going to let him rest. I need that X Division Championship. And, to take it from Willie Mack will make it that much more sweet because of all the respect I have for him. It is just going to transfer! It is going to transfer for all the respect that I have for the heritage of the championship… All that is going to combine until I have a sweet, sweet, sweet strap around my waist!”

On if he’d rather go for Moose’s TNA World Title or Tessa Blanchard’s Impact World Title:
“Ooh! That’s a hard hitting question. I like that one! Because, if you take me back 11 years, I was the kid unboxing the TNA World Championship (on a YouTube video). So, would I rather challenge for that one or the Impact championship? If I’m being honest, I want both! (laughs) We can start with Tessa (Blanchard) and the Impact Championship and let Moose keep parading around with the TNA Championship until I’m ready to take on the final boss. You know what I’m saying? Until I’m ready to come after the big boss’ head, I might as well stick with the Impact World Championship and then circle back around and have some fun.”

On Impact having a more fresh TV approach than others for the empty arena shows:
“It is hard for me to say because I don’t watch a lot of other products. I only watch our product. But, maybe the other products depend too much on the sound of the crowd? I know it is easier for me performing in this environment because when I was coming up, I was having a lot of practice matches that I filmed myself for critiques. I was essentially performing for the camera in front of nobody. So to go from that to performing in front of no crowd now… Only, this time, it is more of the live take. It is not just for me to see but it is for the world to see. It is not that uncomfortable for me. It just gives me the opportunity to talk more trash or be more of a character for the audience watching at home. As for why our show is better? We just do things better! (laughs) I know it is biased but I do feel that way. Our product is great and for some reason, some people still sleep on it. But, just watch it. And, those who watch it, they’ll tell you! What we put out is great! Our roster is working very hard – And not just in the ring. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne, whoever is on commentary, they’re working very hard to make it the best possible show.”

On the Slammiversary promo teasing possible released WWE talent coming or returning to Impact:
“Honestly, I saw it like everyone else. I’m excited. I’m the type of guy who wants to work with everyone. Given the landscape of wrestling right now and everything we know with all the releases, I looked at it as unfortunate that people were losing their jobs. But, for wrestling, this could be great because now we can mix up the talent pool for competition and throw in some new characters to switch over. I saw that trailer and I saw some people that I was like, “Oh wow! This could be super sweet!” There was a tag team in there, if you mixed those guys in with the North, Triple XL, or the Rascalz…. It could provide new match-ups we’ve never seen before. It could provide new content… I want everybody on that list! Put them in there with me and Swinger! By then, I could be X Division Champion and defend against them because they’re hot coming in. I just think it is dope that we get new talent coming in that we get to filter through!”

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