Bischoff Defends Drew McIntyre From Russo’s Recent Criticism

Jun 6, 2020 - by James Walsh

Former Smackdown Executive Director Eric Bischoff recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT earlier this week, and Bischhoff discussed Drew McIntyre in his current run as a main eventer and world champion for WWE. Also, Bischoff responded to some of Vince Russo’s recent critiquing of Drew McIntyre during a recent chat with AfterBuzz TV. Below are some highlights.

Bischoff on his respect for McIntyre: “I have a lot of respect for him. I enjoy his work, he’s believable, he’s credible, he immerses himself into his character and his role, which is all you can really ask for in a performer. Do I think he’s at the pinnacle of his potential? No. He’s only been at the position he’s been in for, well, what time is it? That’s how short a period of time it has been! The coffee is still warm in the cup. It’s not like he’s been in that role for a long time.”

Bischoff on McInyre’s potential to get better: “He’s already a phenomenal performer. Guess what’s going to happen a year from now? Or a year and a half from now? Was John Cena a great performer when he first became world champion? I don’t know, some people might say he was – when I say I don’t know I really don’t know – was he as good as he would ultimately go on to be? Absolutely not. No one is. Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t just become Stone Cold Steve Austin. It took him a long time. When Stone Cold came to WWE, he was the freaking Ringmaster! The Ringmaster! He was the extension of a circus act for crying out loud. And it wasn’t until Steve found out who Steve Austin was as a character and began to integrate that into his persona on television and then it continued to improve and grow and become something bigger and larger than it started with. Drew is like that.”

Bischoff on Vince Russo’s criticism of McIntyre: “People may want to criticize [McIntyre], especially dips**** like Vince Russo who like to present the illusion that they have some critical insight that they really don’t, so they say s*** that makes it sound like they do. Let’s talk about it a year from now, six months from now, even three months from now. I really think we’re going to see a much different world champion six, even three months from now and I already like what we’re seeing.”

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