Angel Garza Says Eddie Guerrero Had No Influence On His Career

Jun 6, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Planeta Wrestling (translation via Wrestling Inc), Angel Garza spoke about who has influenced his career and said that Eddie Guerrero didn’t, but his uncle Hector Garza did. Here are highlights: 

On Austin Theory leaving Zelina Vega’s group: “No, I think we are fine without Austin Theory. Andrade and I have got very similar personalities and very different styles. We can do a lot of things together, but if we call-up a third member, I think that Andrade and I, we won’t as the way we are doing now. If someone wants to join us, it’s welcome. However, we must keep an eye on the consequences, Austin Theory is an example of that.” 

On El Hijo del Fantasma: “I’m all in with El Hijo del Fantasma. I’m betting on him, and it would make me very proud if he wins the NXT Cruiserweight Title. I lose my title around February, so if the NXT Cruiserweight Title goes to El Hijo del Fantasma means that in less than five months, the Cruiserweight Championship has been held by different Mexican talents, and that is very Good. He’s an excellent talent, he speaks very well English, he has got the charisma that he needs and I think that he has been a very good arrival.” 

On if Eddie Guerrero influenced him: “Zero influence. Absolutely nothing. I watched Eddie, Rey and Psicosis matches, a lot of them, but I followed my uncle too. But trust me, the things that Eddie did in the past hasn’t got any relation with my character. When you are authentic, when you make a character like what you want, I think is when you start yo climb and achieve some success. When you start to imitate something that someone did or is doing, that is the moment when a superstar doesn’t give his 100% because he’s thinking what the other superstar is doing. I’m enjoying so much my character. I haven’t been influenced by Eddie, but if I’ve been influenced by someone, it has been by my uncle. I do several things paying tribute to him, like my trousers’ reference or my moonsault. There are two or three details that I do paying tribute to my uncle, but I think that nobody has influenced on how I have built my character.”

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