Todd Pettengill Returning to WWE for WWE NXT: In Your house

Jun 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

Todd Pettengill has made his WWE return (after a fashion), appearing in a promo for NXT Takeover: for In Your House. The former WWE backstage interviewer appeared in the promo hyping Sunday’s NXT show, which you can check out below via 

Pettengill says in the promo, “Hey everybody this is Todd Pettengill, and we are just days away from having a house party that would make Kid ‘n Play jealous. This Sunday, as the doors to our house remain temporarily closed, the Superstars of NXT take over your house with an event 25 years in the making” before previewing the card. In Your House takes place on Sunday and airs (mostly) live on WWE Network. 

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