Eric Bischoff Liked the Chris Jericho – Mike Tyson AEW Dynamite Altercation

Jun 2, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed the Mike Tyson – Chris Jericho segment from AEW Dynamite last week. The segment got quite a bit of criticism online, but Bischoff defended it, saying Tyson was used well because he was used in a way that enhanced everyone involved. Highlights are below.

On AEW not overexposing Tyson: “I think they did use him right. They didn’t overexpose him. They didn’t use him in a way that took anything away from other talent. Just look at the numbers the following week, after the big PPV, the show that they did, I think it was 847,000 viewers, that’s the biggest number they’ve had in a long time. So that would suggest to me that Tyson at least had something to do with that. To deliver a number, 847,000, it’s not 2 million, like Monday Night RAW, or 2 million, like Smackdown, but for that show on that particular night, that’s a big jump from what they had been doing.”

On how Tyson’s segment enhanced everyone involved: “They didn’t use him in a way that took anything away from anybody, they used him in a way that enhanced everybody that was associated with him. I don’t know why this would get such criticism online unless it’s kind of a pavlovian dirtsheet reading audience that feels a need to kind of hate on something. I liked it. I watched the clips of it, I watched the pull apart, I thought it was really, really well done. I don’t get where the criticism comes from or why.”

On finding Tyson to be very interesting: “Mike Tyson is an interesting cat. I’ve always been a fan of Mike Tyson, from when he was young. Obviously he ran into some personal issues as we all know about, but he has come out of that. I find him one of the more interesting sports characters in the last couple of decades.”

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