Danny Havoc shirts released to support his family

Jun 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Alright guys.
Here is Danny’s shirt.
Designed by Drew Kowaleski
Every cent donated will be going directly to his Family & or a cause in his name.
$25.00 plus shipping. ($33.00 total)
Will and can ship internationally.
Pre-sale is now, and will continue until this sunday.
These will be printed next week and shipped accordingly.
We loved him, We forever will love him.
& He loved us.

If you want a long sleeve note it. That would be $40 (includes shipping)
If you want a hoodie that would be $50 shipped.

Again EVERY cent goes to Grants Sister & Mother and or a cause in his name.

CASHAPP: reffuatsNOJ
VENMO: reffuatsNOJ
PAYPAL: jonmakemyshirt@yahoo.com

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