6/2/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jun 2, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Impact opens up with a video package recapping last week’s crazy show featuring the #1 contenders tournament, while hyping tonight! Who will be the #1 contender? We will find out tonight. The scene at the arena is blackness around the lit ring, and a illuminated stage.

Josh Matthews is on the call once again with Madison Rayne.

Match 1 Kylie Rae and Susie (Su Yung) VS Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz

Tasha and Kiera come to the ring dancing as Susie and Kylie wait in the ring. The cocky Steelz starts off against Kylie. Collar and elbow tie up with arm ringers traded between the two. Susie tags in somewhat confused. Tasha taunts her, and finally Susie slaps Tasha. Tasha is furious and tags Kiera. Susie does a few hip tosses and tags Kylie Rae. After punches, she makes a quick tag to Susie. Hogan runs and tags her partner. Susie is backed into the opponent’s corner and Hogan interferes. They double team Susie as Hogan is tagged in. Hogan works over Susie in the corner. More quick tags by Hogan and Steelz have Susie in trouble. They are methodically working Susie over with punches and kicks. Susie finally hits a swinging neck breaker off a whip. Kylie makes the hot tag and she takes on both competitors. She hits the Kylie Special on Hogan and gets a two count. Susie is tagged in. Steelz hits a code breaker, but Rae jumps back in and knocks Tasha off her feet, then connects with a savate kick by Hogan. Susie goes for an airplane spin on Tasha, but Hogan stops that. Steelz hits an Ranna into a swinging suplex by Hogan and she gets the pin on Susie. Hogan and Steelz celebrate going up the ramp with more dancing.

Winner Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan

Rayne and Matthews are shown next. Rayne loves the new tag team of Hogan and Steelz. Mathews runs down the card for tonight.

Backstage Ace Austin is asked about Wille Mack, but he cuts the interviewer off. He says he done with the past and onto the future. He wants the World Championship. Moose walks in and congratulates Ace. Moose also says he is there to say because he also wants to say how important his title is, the TNA World Championship. He says maybe if Ace wins, he should challenge him instead of Tessa.

Match 2 Joseph P. Ryan (with oVe) VS Crazzy Steve

The Crist brothers will surely come into play on the outside on behalf of Ryan. Steve starts his offense with a series of clotheslines and a quick count of two. He runs the ropes, but Ryan hits a high dropkick. Ryan works over Steve after he corners him. Shoulders to the mid section have Crazzy Steve doubled over and easy to be scooped and slammed by Ryan. Ryan methodically works over Steve and talks a lot of trash until Crazzy Steve reverses a suplex. They trade punches until Steve begins biting Ryan. Steve furthers the offense as he throws himself into Ryan as he lays, prone in the corner. Ryan quickly recovers and with some help from distraction on the outside by oVe, Ryan hits a superkick and gains the three count.

Winner Joseph P Ryan

oVe and Ryan celebrate the strange alliance in the ring. Ryan takes the mic and asks if anyone would like to join Cancel Culture. Jake nods yes. He asks Jake if he is ready to put his cause over everything and everyone. He tells Jake to do the right thing for himself and the Culture. Jake drops his brother, Dave Crist in the center of the ring, as Dave pleads for Jake not to do it.

Match 3 Rahit Raju VS Chase Stevens

Chase Stevens makes his return to in ring competition this week. Rohit is still furious over Stevens interrupting Rahit’s interview last week. Rohit starts off with kick and running boots to Stevens to start the match. Rohit is relentless and fighting like a pitbull. Stevens finally hits a clothesline followed by a suplex. Rahit connects with a throat punch and then a leg sweep for a count of two. Rahit drops elbows repeatedly on Stevens. Rohit then hits a face buster for another count of two. Rohit then attacks with an illegal choke. Stevens fights back with punches, but Rohit quickly recovers and hits a reverse elbow off a whip. Rohit tells Stevens it is his time, but the trash talk gave Chase time to recover with a suplex and scissors kick. Rohit blocked a moonsault. Chase hits a reverse kick. Rohit faked it was a low blow to gain a second and caught Stevens with a high knee as the ref held him back. Rohit then hit a double knee to the back and gained the three count for the win.

Winner Rohit

Rohit stands tall and tells everyone it is his time. Rhino enters the rings and takes a Gore. Rayne wonders why he has an issue with Rohit.

Havok and Navia are interviewed backstage. Navia says she and Havok are friends and wants to help her with here troubles. They are a complete unit.

Locker Room talk is next with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. The special guest is Chris Bey. Swinger is excited to introduce Bey, but Rayne tells him to calm down since she is the host. Rayne asks why Impact was his place to go? Swinger answers for Bey. Bey looks disgusted. Rayne asks if Willie Mack can beat him. Swinger (in 80s style) answers again for Bey. Swinger is gold. Bey continues to sit quietly, but his face says everything. Rayne is annoyed, but this goes on for a while. Bey finally says Swinger can help him win the X Division Title. Swinger says ok, brother. He keeps using the word brother until Rayne tells him to stop. Rayne ends the segment annoyed with the ever, excited Johnny Swinger.

Flashback to Drew Galloway (Mcintyre) VS Lashley. Interesting choice, since this is the main event of the WWE PPV this week. Lashley taps out Drew to win the TNA World Championship.

Jordan Grace is backstage, she is talking about the new challengers for her championship. Taya shows up wondering where Jordan has been. Jordan challenges Taya, but Taya says she is too busy for tonight. Jordan than says ok, next week. We go to break.

Match 4 The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) VS Fallah Bahh and TJP

It is announced the winner will get a shot for the tag belts. The two fan favorite teams decide to bump elbows prior to the match in a show of sportsmanship. TJP is annoyed with Fallah that he won’t start the match. Dez and Fallah start the match. Fallah laughs off a series of moves Dez does because of his size. The weight of Fallah this early in the match is too much for Dez. Dez is not hurt but can’t do anything. Both teams are being nice and decide to tag off. Wentz and TJP trade moves to quick to call, but too week to do damage. Finally, TJP hits a basement dropkick., but Dez connects from the outside after a hidden tag. Now the Rascals begin making quick tags and double team moves in the corner. Bahh sneaks into break up the double team and TJP regains the momentum with a suplex. The Rascalz then go back to heavy stricking kicks and double team moves off the tag to have TJP broken down on the mat. The tags are lightning quick. They may be the fastest team in wrestling. Dez has TJP in hell, in the corner. Wentz moonsaults TJP from the outside and Dez tags right back in. TJP finally outsmarts Rascalz and makes the tag. Fallah is rested and the hot tag is beneficial because he easily clears our Wentz to the corner and tosses Dez to the other. He splashes both repeatedly. He then uses Dez as a dart and throws him into Wentz. Dez then takes a Samoan Drop. Dez kicks out. Falla then palm strikes Dez after a count of two. TJP is tagged in and they double team Dez and hit a massive double splash. Dez kicks out somehow. TJP hits a suplex and dragon leg whip by on Dez. Dez bounces back with a cutter. Wentz gets tagged in and kicks TJP and hits a standing moonsault for a count of two. Dez is back in and Wentz hits a superkick from a monkey flip. Wentz then goes to the top and hits a double knee to the chest as Dez holds him. Dez rolls up TJP as Fallah attempts the save. Wentz tackles Fallah but can’t stop Fallah from breaking up the pin. Fallah then hits a belly to belly suplex, then a Samoan Drop. TJP hits a top rope splash on Dez, but Wentz breaks up the pin on Dez. Wentz connects with a massive knee to Fallah. TJP puts Dez in a leg lock and goes for the submission as Wentz and Fallah clear the ring. Dez stands out of the leglock and lays back into a bridge pin over TJP and gets the three count.

Winners of the match, The Rascalz

The new #1 contenders shake hands after the match. Great match.

The Virtuoso, Donna Purrazzo vignette is next. She talks eloquently and down to the camera about how great she is. She wonders if Impact is ready for her.

Rosemary and Bravo are seen walking threw the park. Bravo says he is having a good time on their date. Bravo says he never has this much fun with Taya. Rosemary tells him to come and work with her. He has to eat an apple to join her. Bravo is ready to bite, but Taya calls and Bravo leaves because Taya’s dog needs food. He leaves. Rosemary is annoyed as he leaves.

Elgin is shown next demanding the sound guy play his music. Elgin enters with a mic. He claims to be the real champion. He says he beat himself. He blames Sami Callahan. He says Sami can’t get it done on his own. Elgin says whoever comes out next for the finals will have to deal with him. Shamrock then enters. Shamrock takes a few shots, then hits repeated knee strikes and Elgin takes a power and runs for the ramp.

Match 5 Ace Austin VS Trey. Winner is the #1 Contender for the Impact World Championship

Ace enters first. Trey is then shown backstage down and bloody. Ace takes the mic and says too bad for him. He is now the #1 Contender. Wentz comes out and says he knows it was him that did that to Trey. Scott D’amore comes from the back on a headset. Wentz says he can beat Ace. Scot says ring the bell. Wentz is furious and immediately hits Ace with a neckbreaker and punches to the face. The re breaks it up and Wentz pushes him aside and kicks Ace time and again. He superkicks Ace. Dragging Ace to the center of the ring, Wentz jumps on Ace and punches him again and again as we go to break. After break Wentz takes it to the outside and whips Ace into the steal guard rail. Ace then reverses a whip and throw Wentz into the steal. Ace enters the ring to break the count, then greets Wenz on the stairs. He steps on his hands and then pushes Wentz repeatedly into the barricade. Wentz recovers and uses the rails again and lays more boots on Ace. Wentz breaks the count then sprints to Ace and leaps off the stairs, but as he is about to connect, Ace hits a round house kick to the face as we go to the last commercial break. The action is back in the ring with Ace and Wentz trading kicks and knee strikes in the center of the ring. Austin hits a gutbuster and gets a two count. He then ties up Wentz in a arm lock, but Wentz pushes them in the corner. Ace hits impressive kicks and Wentz is back down. Ace uses the ropes to his advantage with a monkey flip into a choke. Wentz took a suplex, but reversed another and got a count of two. Wentz then lifts Ace, but gets a cutter from Ace. Ace goes back to a submission, working the shoulder and arm. He pulls one of his cards and slices Wentz hand. He releases the hold, but Wentz becomes enraged. After a quick flurry, Ace pulls the hair of Wentz and then hits a high knee. After a whip, Wentz hits a springboard high knee. With both men down, the ref begins the count, both men get up at the count of nine. They trade strikes in the center of the ring. Wentz wins the fight and then hits a knee toh face and a standing moonsault. Ace kicks out at two. Wentz feeling confident, preys Ace, hits a face slam off a single arm for a count of two. Wentz hits a wicked slap. Ace then rolls up Wentz for a two count. Ace gains a two count after a high knee. Wentz climbs the ropes and attempts a Swanton. Ace raises his knees and then hits The Fold for the win.

Winner and #1 contender Ace Austin

Ace celebrates as the show ends.

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