Reby Hardy Defends Matt Hardy and AEW’s “Drowning Angle”

May 31, 2020 - by James Walsh

A moment in the Stadium Stampede match at AEW Double or Nothing drew some criticism recently, as Matt Hardy was ‘drowned’ in a pool. It was done for comedy, as Hardy would be pushed underwater, but come back up as a different version of himself. However, the moment happened only a few days after Shad Gaspard’s body was found following Shad getting swept up by a tidal wave.

In a post on Twitter, Matt’s wife Reby gave her thoughts on the criticism. The thread started when Reby said she was ‘throwing her TV out’ following a Smackdown segment that used Jeff Hardy’s real life issues with substance abuse.

The fan replied: “You should have done that when Matt Hardy agreed to do that pool spot with Santana and Ortiz at stadium stampede match days after Shad’s death. Hypocrite.”

She wrote back: “Matt has *MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED* in water as part of a GIMMICK for over 5YRS now & this moron wants to try it. Shad was OUR FRIEND. We been heartbroken & shook tf up since it happened YOU DIDNT EVEN f–kING KNOW HIM. Stop the faux outrage & f–k ALL THE WAY OFF. A f–king REACH. And while we’re at it. F–k these people too. There was no “drowning angle”. There was no drowning, period. THERE IS A LOT ON TV TO UPSET ABOUT THIS WEEK BUT THIS AINT IT.”

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