Backstage News on WWE Referees and Producers Receiving 20% Pay Cuts

May 31, 2020 - by James Walsh

WWE began a number of new cost-cutting measures this week as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This included informing company executives and officials that they would be receiving pay cuts a few days ago. However, they aren’t the only staff who are receiving paycuts within the company. According to and Dave Meltzer on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, some producers and referees are also receiving pay cuts as high as 20 percent due to the pandemic.

According to Meltzer, not all the producers or referees had their pay cut, but “most” of them did. He added that of the people he knew personally, their pay was reduced by 20 percent.

Last month, WWE had announced in a statement on upcoming cuts and changes to the company’s business in order to reduce costs and improve cash flow. This included “reducing executive and board member compensation; decreasing operating expenses; cutting talent expenses, third party staffing and consulting; deferring spend on the build out of the Company’s new headquarters for at least six months; and both layoffs and furloughing of a portion of their workforce immediately.”

Additionally, WWE released or furloughed a number of staff, producers, and agents last week, and a sizable chunk of the roster was also released.

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