No More Buckle Bombs In WWE

May 30, 2020 - by James Walsh

Don’t expect to see any Turnbuckle Powerbombs or Bucklebombs in WWE anytime soon. PWInsider reports that multiple sources have confirmed that WWE has decided to take out the Turnbuckle Powerbomb from a list of authorized moves for in-ring matches in the promotion.

The decision comes after Kairi Sane took a scary and controversial bump when Nia Jax had attempted to hit her with the move (see below) during a match on Raw. Previously, Sting was injured by the move in a match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015.

It should be noted that some moves that have been banned in the past have received approval to get used again later on, such as the Seth Rollins stomp and the Shooting Star Press. The standard piledriver is still currently on the banned list, while wrestlers have used a Canadian Destroyer (a flipping piledriver) in both WWE and NXT in the last year or so.

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