Arn Anderson says sky is the limit for Brodie Lee

May 28, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


Arn feels that the sky is the limit for Brodie Lee. He said he has all the tools. He is smart, durable, has a head for the business and can have a match with anybody. Arn said that the Undertaker is the most respected man that has ever been in the business. He does not feel the WrestleMania streak should have ever come to an end because it was more special than who is winning the world title. He said this is especially true because Brock Lesner did not need the win to elevate him. Arn did not want to take the Doomsday from the Road Warriors as he felt he had no control over his fall, especially after seeing J.J. Dillon broken arm taking the move in the War Games. When the deal for Arn and Tully Blanchard fell through to come back to WCW because Tully failed a drug test, Arn had to take a pay cut from WCW’s original offer. He said he would not have gone back to WWF when this happened because WWE could have done whatever they wanted and it could have ruined his career. He does not believe Ric Flair would have got the Spartacus gimmick over Jim Herd suggested, even if Ric tried. Arn’s Mount Rushmore for wrestling towns are Chicago, Manchester, Greensboro and Atlanta.

Written by Chris Siggia

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