Vampiro Apologizes to Chris Jericho & Taya Valkyrie

May 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Vampiro apologized to Chris Jericho, adding that he doesn’t remember what he did to offend Jericho. He also apologized to Taya Valkyrie for the situation in AAA where Taya got stripped of the Reina de Reinas Championship. Vampiro was the booker of AAA at the time. Taya was reportedly not told of the plan and instead, AAA asked her fiancé at the time, John Morrison, to bring in the Reina de Reinas Championship for a photoshoot, and at that time, took the belt back and announced that Taya was stripped of the title for using an illegal hold in a no disqualification match in Tijuana two months earlier. They later claimed she was stripped of the title for no-showing a AAA show. Morrison claimed that Vampiro called Taya a “f***ing mark,” and Morrison called Vampiro a “two faced lying douchebag” on Twitter. In the interview, Vampiro noted that he had bosses in AAA, implying that the decision to strip Taya of the title and not tell her was not entirely his, but he took responsibility anyway. Highlights are below. 

On apologizing to Chris Jericho: “I was reading an interview, and his quote was, that I can’t take it if somebody calls me out for being a dick. So I put two and two together and the guy is really upset about something that’s obviously happened in Mexico. Whatever that is, when Chris was there, I had already been there for four years, so I was at 25 years old, I was at Vampiromania at its peak, there was drug use, there was 30-40 matches every two weeks, there was tons of girls, there was an excess of fame, there was everything. Who I was at that time was not who I am as a person. I’m not making excuses. If I did anything or said anything to offend Chris Jericho that much to this day he still lets it bother him, or he had to say something about it publicly, boy did I ever do something wrong, and Chris, if this gets back to you, I have no idea what it was, I don’t remember, I don’t remember what I did this morning, and that’s not an excuse, but I am 100% accountable for it, and I’d like to say to you, I’m very sorry. I’m not asking you to be my friend. I’m not asking anything except you understand that I’m apologizing.” 

On apologizing to Taya Valkyrie: “Her and John Morrison are special people, they’re great, they’re beautiful people, I love them both, I wish them the greatest success, but Taya is owed a public apology. I couldn’t pawn it off on all these other people and give a million excuses. I was the head of talent, I was the guy in control of the book, I’m the responsible one, even though I didn’t do it to hurt you, because I never would, not just you but anybody, but if there was anybody who was responsible, that was my job, I was head of that position, and it’s my fault, it’s all me.” 

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