Cody Rhodes Says He Feels Mike Tyson Will Accept A Boxing Bout Contract

May 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of The Rich Eisen Show, Cody Rhodes revealed that he rubbed Mike Tyson with baby oil prior to his appearance at AEW Double or Nothing. He also said he believes Tyson is close to announcing a deal for his return fight, noting that he saw Tyson working out and training with Vitor Belfort backstage at Double or Nothing. Highlights are below.

On how he helped Mike Tyson rub baby oil in backstage: “I shared a nice moment with Mike behind the scenes where he used a little of my baby oil to put on his chest and his arms, and I helped him rub it in, it was actually pretty surreal, but I wanted him to look as jacked as possible. That guy looks great, by the way, absolutely great, just so fun to have him.”

On if Tyson asked for the baby oil: “So he asked the baby oil because I think he saw the other wrestlers who are typically putting on a little baby oil or water, you know, wrestling tradition. I made sure he had it, but before we went out, he just kind of sprayed it, it was a little spray bottle of it, he just sprayed it on his chest and his arms, you gotta give it the classic Nature Boy Buddy Rogers before even Nature Boy Ric Flair, where you rub that stuff in, and I was able to assist in that moment and have a real bond over that moment, I mean I was doing the same thing. That and of course the fact that he handed me the title were big walkaway moments for me over the weekend.”

On how he believes Mike Tyson is close to announcing his return fight: “It looks like Mike is going to fight, I know he is close personal friends with Tony Khan and Tony has offered him the run of the mill in terms of I saw him pushing the big dumbbells in the weight room at the stadium, I saw him training with Vitor Belfort on strikes. So even when he was here for something fun and character driven, he was training for something, and I believe they are pretty close to announcing a deal, I could be wrong. People want to see Iron Mike, they want to see an Iron Mike knockout, they want to see him knock somebody out. 53 but in great shape, I think it’s a unique story, I think we all kinda want to see it.”

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