Tammy Sytch: “Good bye Facebook”

May 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Tammy Stych posted the following on her Facebook page:

So I was put in Facebook jail for my posts the day before yesterday because some asshole complained, and since I obviously have a rat on my page leaking my sh-t to websites and twisting my words, I’m going back to being a complete asshole and not posting ANYTHING personal anymore. No food posts, no opinions, no happy pictures of things I love. I will only post to publicize my business ventures and booked events from this point forward. Y’all fucked up and ruined it. Also, to all of you talentless piece of sh-t indie girls who think they can run their mouths about me on Facebook and think I won’t know about it, you’ve got another thing coming. Sorry you suck so bad that you’ve never made it, not my fault. Don’t hate the player… and PLEASE Let me see you in person somewhere. Please. Then again, I won’t because you suck and can’t get bookings. Good bye Facebook.

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