Sgt. Slaughter Praises Jon Moxley for Life After WWE

May 25, 2020 - by James Walsh

Sgt. Slaughter is appreciative of the success Jon Moxley’s found since leaving WWE and took to Twitter to congratulate the AEW World Champion. The WWE Hall of Famer posted to his Twitter account on Sunday in reply to a photo of Cody and Moxley with their respective AEW titles, posting, “‘Congrats’ on [your] life after leaving the Flagship WWE.” 

Slaughter, who left WWE several times during his in-ring career to work for other promotions, continued, “VERY happy for [you], especially since I was the 1st to go up against ‘The Emperor’ and fight for MY FREEDOM. Luckily [you] got to [bypass] the lawsuits & courtroom appearances.” 

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