Did Bret Hart Decline Dark Side of the Ring Offer?

May 25, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of Sunday Night’s Main Event, Dave Meltzer said that Bret Hart was asked to be on last week’s Dark Side of the Ring finale which focused on Owen Hart’s death, but that Bret never got back to them. 

“Bret was asked and never got back to them,” Meltzer said. “Yeah, Bret was asked.” 

“I think that the feeling was, they interviewed a lot of people with the Owen Hart Foundation and things like that, and I think the decision was made, we could get other family members, and they couldn’t get anyone from WWE, I guess they probably could have gotten Harry or whatever, but they went with Oje and Athena which was a good decision,” he added. “But Bret would have been in it if he wanted to be.”

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