Buff Bagwell Says Mother Judy is Dying – Explains his Drunk Video with Broken Face

May 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

After a recent video showed his face to be bruised up, prompting concern for his well being, Buff Bagwell took to Facebook to address the situation, saying he has done it again and gotten a ton of heat for something that “wasn’t a big deal.”

In the video, he admits he did the Cameo video while drunk, saying it was late and he had already done many other Cameo videos that day, but that he wanted to deliver the video to the fan who bought it. He said it was “obvious” that he was “f***ed up” in the video but that he thought it was funny. He said the bruises on his face were the result of him tripping over his dog and smacking his face on the pavement.

He also mentioned that his mother currently has dementia and they can’t get health insurance to get her proper care.

He apologized for making an ass of himself on the video, but again said he found it to be funny, and that he’s Buff, and he’s still the stuff. In the new video, the bruises on his face appear to have healed.

He also said that his comment in the previous video about putting his girlfriend in a chokehold was just a joke.

He also revealed that Diamond Dallas Page and many others called out of concern for him following the previous video surfacing online.

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