Bret Hart responds to Martha Hart’s “inaccurate” statements about him

May 22, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Bret Hart has remained fairly silent during the past two weeks when Martha Hart began making the media rounds in anticipation for the Dark Side Of The Ring episode on her husband.

But after some comments Martha made about Bret, the WWE Hall of Famer felt compelled to issue a small reply.

Martha admitted that Bret was very supportive throughout her lawsuit against WWE as he was also battling with Vince at the time. “He wanted us to include his footage in our settlement agreement. So he didn’t have access to his wrestling footage because Vince, you know, so he had this agenda that that’s what he wanted included in our settlement agreement,” Martha said.

Martha told Bret that this wasn’t about his wrestling footage and when they were not able to secure that for him, he got angry. “That’s when he then went back and confronted Vince McMahon and then got his footage and stuff like that. So that was disappointing for me and that sort created a rift between us but then he seemed to really flip flop and he really embraced Vince all of a sudden,” Martha added.

Bret, she said, went from hating Vince McMahon to hating her instead and started doing the media rounds saying she’s disrespecting Owen’s memory.

Responding to her comments via The Wrap, the two-time Hall of Famer said that what Martha is implying was pretty much inaccurate and an oversimplification of what went down.

“While I am not interested in engaging in any more media mudslinging between Martha and myself, especially in light of a global pandemic, I will say that our fallout is multifaceted,” Bret said. “To say that it only involved being able to access and use my WWE footage and photos for future projects would merely be an oversimplification and inaccurate. I will not comment any further on the matter.”

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