Source: Max Mini Was Supposed to be Strapped to Owen Hart the Night He Fell

May 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

According to an investigative file that has been brought to life, wrestler Max Mini was supposed to be attached to Owen Hart for the stunt that led to Owen’s death. Owen’s final days were recounted on last night’s season two finale and reporter David Bixenspan posted to Twitter to reveal that he had acquired an investigative file which said that Max was originally supposed to be part of the stunt.

According to the file, which came from the Kansas City Police Department, rigger Bobby Talbert who was hired by WWE to set up the stunt said in a 1999 interview that Max was supposed to be attached to Owen but it was later decided not to be done. Talbert said he did a similar stunt for WCW with two people attached together.

In the episode, Martha Hart showed off the clip used to hold Owen and revealed it was intended to be used for sailboats and would release with just six pounds of pressure.

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