Van Hammer Agrees to Plea Deal in Hit-and-Run Case

May 19, 2020 - by James Walsh

PWInsider reports that former WCW wrestler Van Hammer, aka Mark Hildreth, has reportedly pled guilty to one count of Driving Under the Influence, Causing Property Damage and Injury for his previously reported hit and run incident where he hit a five-year-old boy on a bicycle in Boynton Beach, Florida earlier this year. 

Under the plea deal that was made with Palm Beach County Court out of Florida, Van Hammer now has to serve one year of probation, have his driver’s license suspended for a year, and have an interlock device on his vehicle for a year. He pled guilty on April 29. Under the plea agreement, Hildreth was only sentenced on one DUI charge. 

Additionally, Hildreth has to go through a victim’s impact session to see how DUIs have affected those who have been victims in similar circumstances. Victims of the hit-and-run were notified of Van Hammer’s plea agreement and are reportedly “not seeking restitution” against him.

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