Mark Henry is threatening to sue Lio Rush

May 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Mark Henry is threatening to sue Lio Rush over the tweets from last week.

On his Busted Open radio show Henry had this to say:

“ Last year I saved Lio Rush’s job. He was complaining about his financial situation over his contract and his royalties and I was able to save him from being fired and they sent him back to NXT”

Henry talked about Rush not getting royalties for having “Lashley! Lashley! Lashley!” on the back of Bobby Lashley’s shirt “How are you going to get royalties when you’re saying his name fool!? Its HIS name!”

About Rush complaining about getting water for the veterans: “ If Undertaker or any of the other vets comes through the curtain and ask for a bottle of water out of respect you go and give them a bottle of water. We all had to do it Lio. You see when I first started I was YOU Lio I thought I was somebody coming from the Olympics and when I first met Undertaker he called me a “baby face” and I said “Who the hell are you calling a baby face?!” I learned the hard way after that and went to Canada until I got it”

“And as for the rental car you know how I saved money? I would ride with 5 guys a loop and only end up paying 12 dollars! You have to budget”

Henry had this to say to TMZ on the potential Lawsuit:

“If you go down to the performance center at NXT, probably 25 I think, people of color in the facility, probably about 80 plus percent of them I helped get them there. I mean, it’s completely opposite.”

“And, you can’t question my blackness. Like nobody can question my blackness, pull my black card. No, not allowed. Nobody.”

“My lawyer went to Harvard. I don’t know what kinda lawyers he’s dealing with, but I got those Ivy League people around me, and they’re pissed!”

Rush attempted to come on Mark Henry’s Busted Open radio show but only if it were at 4pm the show is from 10 am- 12 pm.

“So it gotta be on your time Lio? You want clear your name but it has to be on your time?!” Henry responded on his show.

Henry ended the interview with TMZ by saying But, “there is one thing Lio Rush can do before he finds his ass in a courtroom … say sorry, and really mean it. He needs to apologize.”

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