Christian says Chuck Liddell would be perfect for pro wrestling

May 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“He’s obviously got the look for it. It’s kinda like Hulk Hogan whereas any time Hogan walks into a room, he’s got that distinctive look. Everybody, whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, you know who he is. Chuck has that same thing. Whether you’re an MMA fan or not, he’ll walk into a room and everyone goes, ‘Oh, that’s Chuck Liddell.’ I think that even at his age, he definitely brings something to the table. He also appreciates it and said it publicly that he’s a wrestling fan. He appreciates what wrestlers bring to the table and that it’s a lot tougher than people give it credit for. That’s another thing that I like about this film is that there’s credibility to the wrestler which I appreciate.”


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