The Revival Says They Never Understood F**k The Revival Stuff

May 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The Revival Says They Never Understood F**k The Revival Stuff and Believe It came from The Bucks/Cody being Jealous

On Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho asked about the origins of FTR from their perspective. Dax and Cash said that FTR came out of nowhere for them. They Think that it came out of jealously, but they hope to get the full story from The Young Bucks someday since they have never met face-to-face before.

“That’s the best way to put it. Being as blunt as you can, that’s the best way to put it. We were making our way in wrestling, and for so long, those guys, Matt and Nick, they had been considered the best tag team in the world. Then we came along. These two 5’10” Southerners from North Carolina came along. We started stealing the show on the NXT shows, and I think maybe put a little bit of fear or jealousy in those guys as far as who’s the best in the world, but also, they gained a little respect for us too in that sense,” Dax said.

“But we had never talked to those guys. We never met those guys. I don’t even think we ever met them face-to-face even now, but we heard that and were like man, they didn’t even come to us. They didn’t speak to us. They didn’t say a word to us. It came out of nowhere. It kind of took us aback a little bit.

“We just started getting tagged on social media, and it’s Cody saying, ‘f–k The Revival.’ We were like, ‘what is this?’ Like Dax said, they didn’t reach out to us. We never met them face-to-face. We didn’t know if there was ever any real animosity there. We had no clue,” Cash said. “We were just minding our own business just trying to knock it out of the park on every live event. Then all of sudden there’s this rivalry, and we don’t know how serious it is. We don’t know how heated it is.

We don’t know what the basis of it was if it was because we were getting buzz and they were used to being the uncontested tag team of the year, but it came out of nowhere to us especially. To this day, we don’t know the whole backstory. We don’t know when they thought of it or when they decided to start saying it. It took a life of it’s own.

“I can’t wait to ask them face-to-face one day,” Dax said. “I’m sure they’ll tell us the whole story.”

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