Riddle on Lesnar: “I really want the match”

May 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“I shook the 8-ball and it’s not looking good, it’s not looking good. {*laughing*} I’ll be honest. Am I going to stop? No. I really want the match, even if he takes some of the things I said wrong or personal. I get it, I guess, I mean I don’t, but whatever. At the end of the day, I think I’m going to become valuable enough where he’ll want the match and when I do that and that day comes, I’ll get my dream match. But that’s a lot of work and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Hey, I think the Performance Center would be the safest spot to go at it. {*laughing*} I think it’d be good. It’s not a thing of disrespect. I just think I have a very good style and I think Brock has an amazing style and I think the two going against one another, big guy versus little guy but the little guy can hold up, I think there’s something there. I’m pretty legit. People might forget it, but I’m pretty good.”

source: dailyddt.com

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