Rey Mysterio’s WWE deal ending soon

May 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Rey Mysterio’s WWE deal is up very, very soon and the former champion has not signed another deal yet.

While all signs point towards Mysterio remaining in WWE, newer contracts are not as enticing as they were last year or the year before mainly due to the current environment. Meltzer says that Mysterio got a great deal 18 months ago but now one of the things that will keep him with WWE is some sort of guarantee for his son to be working there in the future.

The angle shot with Rollins on Monday Night Raw can serve as two things: either serves as being written out completely from TV if he decides to leave or else it serves as the perfect payback to Rollins when he returns.

Meltzer adds that there will surely be interest from All Elite Wrestling to bring in Mysterio, it will be difficult to offer him a similar or bigger deal than his current WWE one and with no gate money coming in it would be very hard to justify a seven-figure contract.

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