Herb Abrams’ UWF Star Sunny Beach Opens Up About Dark Side Of the Ring, Coronavirus, & more

May 15, 2020 - by James Walsh

Recently, VICE’s hit TV series Dark Side of the Ring took a special look at the interesting life and times of Herb Abrams and his UWF promotion. The documentary was subtitled “Cocaine and Cowboy Boots” which was very fitting. They could also have called it Dizzy Reed from Guns N Roses’ solo band name “Hookers and Blow” as well. Regardless, everyone agrees that Herb Abrams was an interesting guy. And, in that spirit, we speak to one of the stars who was with him most of the way through the UWF journey and that is former WWE Superstar and UWF mainstay Sunny Beach!

Beach, real name Rick Allen (and not the 1 armed drummer from Def Leppard) discusses his life and times in wrestling including being in the Hulk Hogan movie No Holds Barred, wrestling in the WWF, UWF, All Japan, and even his recent heart attack and bout with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Lots of great content in our hour long chat with one of Herb Abrams’ biggest home grown stars!

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