Brodie Lee shoots down Rumors about his AEW skits is mocking Vince McMahon

May 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Brodie Lee commented on people claiming that his recent AEW skits were designed to spoof Vince McMahon:

“You can take it however you want. I happen to be a fan of mafia movies and so that’s the way the character was portrayed for me. I believe the leadership style, the results speak for themselves. You people can take it any way you want. Trust me, I hear you. I hear everybody. Nothing was intentional. I have no reason to hate WWE. No reason to hate Vince McMahon. Nothing like that. But take it how you want.

“If you walk into a boardroom and you realized how quickly the guy at the head of the table was not as strong or powerful as you and you realized you knew more than him, you have the hand up. My goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m the guy in control and the most powerful in the room. I speak the loudest, you listen to me and do what I say.”

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