Cornette Says He’s Never Met Joey Janela

May 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

Jim Cornette was recently asked by a fan if the rumors were true that he met Joey Janela at a Chili’s, where the two laughed about their ‘feud’ giving them both publicity. Cornette replied as you might expect him to. 

He wrote: “Two things I have never done and never plan to do are catch Coronavirus or meet Jelly Nutella in person.” 

Janela took it in stride. He replied: “Jim don’t lie, we were at Chili’s drinking margaritas and eating southwestern egg rolls together! The ribs were good, Jim took my car keys and moved my car into a chili’s takeout reserved spot which resulted in me getting a ticket…. he’s a great ribber. He also told the waitress it was my birthday, it wasn’t & told them my name was Jelly Nutella and they sung happy birthday Jelly Nutella.. that was quite the knee slapper. Everyone let Jim know to stop running away from the fact, that we had a great time at @Chilis.” 

Then, inexplicably, the restaurant’s Twitter account respond to Janela’s post. The message reads: “Jim, please stop running away from the fact that you and Joey had a great time at Chili’s.”

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