Backstage Rumor on WWE Putting a Major Summer-Long Storyline on Hold

May 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

According to a report by the WrestleVotes Twitter account, WWE is rumored to have put a major storyline that was planned to unfold over the course of the spring and summer months on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of fans at events. You can view WrestleVotes’ tweet below. 

Based on the rumor, the planned storyline was similar to the Vince McMahon limo explosion or the Nexus invasion of WWE. The exact details of this storyline are unknown, other than that it was a “long major storyline” and that crowd reaction played a major part of what was planned. 

The tweet reads, “FWIW: I’ve been told there was a long major storyline that was to unfold over the span of weeks during the spring & summer, similar to the McMahon limo explosion or the Nexus invasion debut, that was put on hold due to no fans in attendance. Crowd reaction plays a major part.” 


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