Why WWE Did Not Trash Vince McMahon’s Office At Money in the Bank

May 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

During last night’s Money in the Bank PPV, the WWE superstars brawled all around WWE headquarters, which included the office of Vince McMahon. PWInsider, reports that the Money in the Bank match was not shot in order. There were scenes shot in the lobby, first floor (gym), the third floor, the second floor, the fourth floor (Vince McMahon’s office), the second floor again and the fourth floor again before finally ending on the roof. 

Wrestlingnews.co reports that Vince signed off on the segment, but would not agree to his office getting trashed. This was due to the fact he did not want the wrestlers near the T-Rex skull on his wall. The skull is real, and was a gift from Triple H several years ago. It’s always in his office and was even on display at Wrestlemania AXXESS. PWInsider adds that the bit where AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan stop to put the chairs back where they were was a reference to the fact that if someone meets with McMahon, they are expected to do exactly that when they leave.


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