MJ Jenkins on WWE Release: “I definitely wasn’t expecting it”

May 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

MJ Jenkins spoke with Sportskeeda for an interview discussing her release from WWE and her run within the company. Highlights are below:

On if she was surprised by her release: “Regarding my release, I definitely wasn’t expecting it. Mainly because where I stood with the company. We’d come so far in developing everything that A Whole Lot of Woman is. Ring work, promo work, creative work. Like digging deep into it and so, when I got released, it was just, it was very confusing for me. Especially because, like, the last conversations I’ve had with them was, you know, “Hey, we’re not going to put you out there just to put you out there. When we put you out there, we want it to be about you and right now is just not the time for you”, so when they told me that it was just, right now, there were other people that was in line for it, it was like, “Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great, now is not the right time”. I took that as my time will come and, until then, I’m going to keep on doing what I have to do and everything will fall into place. So when I got released, it was just like… You know, I was like, “Why?”. Then on top of that, you know, it was just like a hard blow, mainly because of everything that I was dealing with personally, too. Definitely was not expecting it.”

On the highlight of her time in WWE: “Oh, man, there are so many because I can say the Mae Young Classic was definitely like the beginning. That was the kick off, because the year before that, I wasn’t able to compete in that because I was already signed to a different company and that was when I was with IMPACT at the time, and so this year round, it was just like, “Yes!” That was the kick off because that was one of my main goals, I was like, “I’m going to come in here and I’m going to kill it”, and everything just felt so raw and authentic with all the fans, and it was like this huge rush of adrenaline pumped even with my entrance and we were rehearsing things and there are doing the whole thing of every girl standing on the ramp.

“Definitely working with Denzel Dejournette. We came in the same class and Denzel is such a ball of energy. And I, as A Whole Lot Of Woman, am also a ball of energy. I’m sassy and all that, fierce. It wasn’t even supposed to happen, that tag match that we had. It just happened that the card got switched around and it was like, “Who can we put with Denzel?” And I was like, “Hello!”. That was fun, too. I can say one of my other highlights was, we had the WrestleMania 36 pre-party and I got to work with Raquel Gonzalez and, oh my gosh. That was just like another great moment for me because, you know, they only put people out there who can really go and who can really get the crowd going, and who really is like all that and a bag of chips. And, honey, MJ Jenkins is all that and a bag of chips, you know what I’m saying? So, that was a lot of fun.

Even like the small… I can’t say small because it is a big deal now that I look back at it. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on everything that I’ve done and now that I look back at it, even when it was me, Kayden Carter and Mia Yim, and one girl who just had her debut match, Jessi Kamea, I believe. It was all of us and we are in the locker room, and in comes barging the rest of the four horsewomen from MMA – Shayna Basler, Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke – and all hell breaks loose. I was just like, “You get out of my face!” It was just like… You know, even that spilled over in NXT and we wound up coming out and trying to fight them. That was so… looking back at it now, I’m like, “Whoa”. That was insane and it was fun, and it was just like, it was like everything that I’d hoped for. Even like, we’ve had corporate sponsors come through, like Fox, we had ESPN come by and the person they put there was guess who? Yours truly! A Whole Lot Of Woman MJ Jenkins because nobody rips that might like me. All of a sudden, I’m getting my family, like, “Oh, my God, we just seen you on ESPN”. People are calling my family, saying, “Isn’t that your aunt? Isn’t that your sister?” I’m like, “Yes!””

On her “A Whole Lotta Woman” character: “It comes from all the influences around me. Music, I am an avid fan of Beyoncé. Even from Destiny’s Child Era. I always followed her career, her movies and, not for nothing, I love to sing as well! It’s just been developing as I’ve developed as a woman, as I’ve developed as a performer and a professional. Even on the independent scene, I’ve done AIW, with Girls Night Out, and shows everywhere. I would literally be like, “I want to sing my own entrance”. That was a part of it. Then I added dance moves to it, and then the whole aura of her, she’s just confident, she’s sassy, she’s full of herself but in a good feeling way.

“And what was interesting is what I did altogether was when I first got signed they said, they sent out these little highlight videos of everybody that got signed, they said what your message to the world? I said, “My name is MJ Jenkins and I’m a whole lot of woman!” And that was literally like… Beyoncé, Goldmember, Foxy Cleopatra. It was just taking things that I love – music, I love movies – then morphing them around me. A Whole Lot Of Woman is really just like an extension of who I am. The true person. That’s why it’s so easy to play her because, in instances, it actually is me, you know? Being there with WWE, I had a lot of creative direction and they gave me a lot of leeway to do what I wanted and we’ve had like showcases where I’ve pitched me singing my entrance and they were like… “Whoa”. They liked the whole entrance, I had the whole red carpet, I had the lights flashing, the music background of dancing moving behind me. It was just that and then, you know, it really is basically an extension of me and my influences. It makes me glow!”

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