A few cameo appearances bring in the comedy during the MITB ladder match

May 11, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

The most unique Money In The Bank ladder match which was filmed at the WWE headquarters in Stamford had some special guests making cameo appearances.

The first one to show up was Brother Love. It was Rey Mysterio who found him in the bathroom after he heard a toilet flush. Love, decked in his red and white suit, pulled up his zipper, told Mysterio that he loved him, and then washed his hands.

Next it was Stephanie McMahon. As the ladies were fighting in a conference room, Dana Brooke retrieved a briefcase full of money hanging above the conference table. She celebrated like she won, but then McMahon came in and told her it’s on the roof, not here. She also told Brooke to clean up because Jax was drooling on the floor and it was “gross.”

Another hilarious moment came when both the men and women stumbled upon Paul Heyman who was having a food feast by himself. Otis threw food at Heyman as everyone stood there in silence…before a food fight started between the men and women. Otis also had an encounter with John Laurinaitis while he was in the cafeteria and just before he was going to eat a pie, the former Raw GM showed up. Otis threw the pie in Laurinaitis’ face.

And last but certainly not least, a brawl took place in Vince McMahon’s office. Both AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan ended up in Vince’s office and stopped when they realized the boss was there. Vince got pissed off and told them to get the hell out of his office. The two agreed and also re arranged his chairs that they moved while brawling before exiting like little kids from the principal’s office. Vince was then showed putting hand sanitizer before returning to work at his desk.

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