Omega: “I want to be a force to help introduce new stars”

May 8, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

AEW World Tag Team Champion and Executive Vice President Kenny Omega recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and explained his long-term plan for his character in the company. Omega said he wants to be a force that helps introduce new stars to world, and to magnify the work of those around him.

It was noted how Omega recently defeated indie talent Alan Angels on Dynamite, and how the match was textbook Omega in that he always wants his opponents to shine. That mindset is not on display by Omega because he’s an AEW executive, it’s just his nature and another example of how he’s bringing his own unique psychology to the mainstream world of pro wrestling.

“Not everyone who watches AEW is familiar with my work in Japan,” said Omega. “I’m not sure everyone knows ‘The Best Bout Machine.’ So the question was asked, is the best way to introduce this character by giving him the world right off the bat? Maybe that could have worked. To me, I would rather take more unknown names, guys that don’t have that big reputation yet, and show there is something special about them. I want to be a force to help introduce new stars to the world and magnify the work of those around me.”

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