AJ Styles Agrees with Fans Who Say His Return was Wasted

May 8, 2020 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE superstar AJ Styles returned on this past week’s episode of Monday Night Raw where The Phenomenal One earned the final spot in Sunday’s Money In The Bank matchup. However, some fans criticized Styles casual return to television following his epic Boneyard Matchup against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. 

Styles spoke about his return on a recent stream of his Mixer gaming channel, and even agreed that it was a little rushed due to the ongoing circumstances. 

The return could have been more. I’ve heard people talk about ‘Well, I mean, you kinda just wasted it. AJ Styles was buried alive and he could have come back as a different character, in a different mood, a different look. Something different about AJ Styles. He came back and he was exactly the same as before he got buried.’ I’m with you. I think circumstances had a lot to do with AJ Styles coming back when he did maybe we need some more star power in that match. Maybe that’s what it was. 

He continues… 

I wish we could have waited I think, if times would have been different, that would have been something that we went with.


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