Moose: “I’ve revived a dead company”

May 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Moose
Date: 05/02/20
Your Host: James Walsh

At Impact Wrestling Rebellion Night 2 last Tuesday night, Moose revived the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and after defeating Michael Elgin and TNA original Hernandez in a Triple Threat match, now says he is the Real World Champion in the promotion!

In this brand new interview with the Wrestling Epicenter, Moose discusses bringing back the TNA brand, how his World Title is the #1 title in the, being the Ultimate Moose, and a whole lot more in a fun chat with Mr. TNA Wrestling!

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On what bringing back the TNA World Title means for Impact:
“It means that TNA Wrestling is back alive and well again. I did what no TNA Champion has ever done. I’ve revived a dead company!”

On paying tribute to Ultimate Warrior with his gear at Rebellion:
“Ultimate Warrior was, is a guy that I always looked up to as a kid. He is a guy I always wanted to be like. Last pay per view, I did something for “Macho Man” Randy Savage. So, I thought this time I would do something for my second favorite professional wrestler as a kid.”

On if being the “Real World Champion” could tease a Ric Flair tribute from him next:
“We’ll see what happens. I know that I have the TNA World Title. I know that I am the real World Champion and I have the number one championship in the company.”

On if performing in the empty arena for the recent Rebellion & Impact tapings was a challenge:
“It is definitely tougher. You don’t get the adrenaline rush from the fans. But, it is something we’re going to get used to as we continue to do it.”

On possibly having a unification match between his TNA World Title and Tessa’s Impact World Title:
“I mean, that is always possible. But, I’m not actively going after her title. Her title is a second rate title. I don’t care too much for it. So, the only way there will be a unification is if she feels she wants a shot at my title.”

On what TNA originals he’s faced impressed hin most:
“Kid Kash. He still has it. I actually was on YouTube watching stuff that he’s done and I was amazed. Seeing him the night that I wrestled him, he could still go!”

On making short work of Kash in their match:
“Oh, real short work. I’m a legend. I am Moose. I’m a wrestling God!”

On if he thinks Impact will revisit TNA There’s No Place Like Home when life returns to normal:
“For sure, I hope we revisit it when the Coronavirus is over. I think it was going to be one of our best shows of the year. It is sad it had to be cancelled. But, I have faith that we’ll have that show and it will be great.”

On what recently released WWE talent he’d like to see in Impact Wrestling:
“There’s a bunch of them. Eric Young, Doc Gallows, EC3! Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I know we can find spots for all those guys if everything goes right.”

On how he feels about wrestling being called “fake” by other 2 sport athletes recently as a former NFL
“I wouldn’t call wrestling fake. I don’t know how to describe it. I come from pro football which is a little more intense. But, there have been times I’ve come back from matches and I’ve felt like I’ve just played a full football game. It is definitely not fake. Fake is not the right word to use. It is a physical sport. People have died from it in the ring taking a move wrong. I heard what Ronda Rousey said. To a point, Ronda does have a point. You can’t fight MMA every Monday, Tuesday, or Friday – Whenever your show is. You have to spread it out a little bit because their mortality would be a lot lower than it is. I understand the point she’s making. But, I wouldn’t say it is fake. We’ve all seen guys get hurt, suffer concussions, and career ending injuries. So, for her to say it is fake is just a slap in the face to the guys who do it, you know?”

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