5/5/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

May 5, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

by Scott Porter

Impact Tapings

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne our are commentators for tonight’s empty arena tapings. The setting is black except the stage and ring.

The show opens with a Rebellion recap package from the last two weeks.

Sami Callahan enters the ring limping. As he asks for the mic, Josh Matthews wonders aloud what his excuse will be for losing to Shamrock. Callahan imagines that the crowd would be chanting his name. He says it will take more than a beat down from Shamrock to stop him. He says he needs no help from anyone, including OVE. He then calls out Shamrock, who shows up in street clothes. Shamrock tells Sami to calm down and listen. Shamrock tells Sami he did not tap out, and he has tapped or knocked out a lot of people. He tells Sami he is tough. Shamrock says he tapped out, Big Show, MMA guys and The Rock. Shamrock tells Sami they could continue the fight out back or move on and shake hands. Callahan thinks about it and out comes Michael Elgin saying he is the rightful guy to go for the belt. Callahan makes a funny line that the crowd now is as loud as they are normally when he walks out. Elgin says he can beat either of them. Sami tells him he will choke when he gets his opportunity. Elgin attacks Sami. Shamrock takes out Elgin and then Sami recovers. Elgin bails and Sami and Shamrock face off with respect for each other. The ICU black screen digital logo flashes and the screen goes black for a second. When we see the picture again Shamrock is alone in the ring confused.

The #1 contender for the X Title, Chris Bey has a backstage promo about how good he is and his match tonight as he challenges Willie Mack.

Willie Mack is shown backstage appearing a bit hungover from parting with Rich Swann. Mack says he is going to put his foot up Chris Bey’s ass tonight.

Match 1 oVe (Jake Chris, Madman Fulton) VS Triple XXL (Larry D and Ace Romero)

Fulton starts off with Larry D in a shoving match. Larry D gains a headlock. Whip by Fulton and shoulder block. Larry hits a slam and tags Ace. Fulton bails to the corner. Jake tags in and Triple XXL double team him. Larry D tags in and works over Jake with power moves. He eventually hits a leg drop on him and lays on Jake with a face lock. Another tag to Ace as we go to break. Back and oVe is now in control with Fulton working over Ace in their corner with kicks and punches. Fulton lifts Ace with help from the ropes and hits a version of the Samoan Drop. He follows it up with the Big Boot to the face. Ace gets pushed in the corner as Jake gets tagged back in. He lays the boots to Romero in the corner and tags back to Fulton. Fulton moves the fight back to the center of the ring where Romero gains an advantage and hits a spine buster. Romero tags to Larry D and Larry takes control with a back drop, punches and a splash. Larry D throws Chris from the ring and takes to the air outside and connects with a dive threw the ropes. Larry tossed Chris back in the ring, and Fulton jumps Larry and he climbs the ropes to finish Jake off. Chris and Fulton hit a double powerbomb off the rope. Chris covers and Larry D makes the save. Larry eventually tags in. Dave Chris, the 3rd member of oVe tries to grab Larry from the outside, but Larry levels him with the big right hand. Larry then hits the best hand in the house on Jake and makes the pin.

Winners Triple XXL

Flashback match is next with Kurt Angle vs Foley in the 6 sided ring. Angle retained the TNA World Championship.

Locker Room Talk is up next with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. Havok is this week’s guest on the show. Rayne mocks Havok about her recent loss to Rosemary. Havok isn’t impressed. Rayne asks about Navia, but Havok has no idea why she is there. Kimberly shows up and Havok tosses Swinger off the set and pushes the cocky Kimberly off and walks off set.

Cody Deaner is shown in his trailer having a beer. He is shown living on the side of the road, stealing water from the locals sprinkler to wash his hands and follow social distancing. He is then shown selling Deaner Merch on the side of a cornfield.

Match 2 Johnny Swinger VS Suicide

Swinger is channeling the New Rockers with his gear this week again. He attacks Suicide from behind and gains a early advantage, but Suicide takes Swinger to the outside and hits a splash over the top rope to the outside. Swinger crawls back in and kicks Suicide and chokes him. Swinger tried for a low blow, but Suicide moves away. Suicide hits a Code Breaker and then climbs the ropes and hits a Swan Ton and pins Swinger.

Winner Suicide

Ace Austin is shown backstage saying Chris Bey is not the only person wrestling Mack tonight for the X Title. It is now a 3 way.

Back from the break, Mathews is backstage with Moose. Now knows as Mr. Impact. Moose claims he is the only real World Champion since Tessa is on “Vacation.” Josh wants to know how he got the belt out of a warehouse. Moose says he shouldn’t worry about it. Moose then pulls himself out Impact tournament to declare the next challenger for Tessa Blanchard. Moose says that belt is below him. Moose says he won the belt by beating everyone the night of the TNA reunion. Josh says he doesn’t deserve it. Moose says he should leave before he puts his hands on him.

Match 3 Joseph P. Ryan VS Cousin Jake (Deaner)

Since Cody Deaner is still on a cornfield somewhere in Canada, Jake gets a rematch with Ryan. Ryan stalls outside and tells the ref to calm the excited, Jake down. Ryan this week is sporting khaki shorts and a flannel shirt. Ryan baits Deaner in and out of the ring and eventually gets the better hand with a kick as Deaner renters. Deaner simply no sells the kick and tosses Ryan in the corner and works him over with punches and whips to the corner with a follow up kick. Ryan calls for a TO. He tries to outsmart Deaner, but it doesn’t work outside the ring. Deaner repeatedly pounds him with clubbing forearms and even a Ryan drop kick does nothing to Jake. Ryan is now fearing for his life. He rolls outside again, but this time Jake meets him outside and continuously lays right hands until Ryan slams his head into the turnbuckle. This finally has Deaner down. Ryan rolls him in the ring and drops his knee on his forehead. Deaner is looks confused. Ryan punches him repeatedly and slams him. He gets a 2 count then puts on a rear chin lock that is broken up by Cousin Jake. Ryan runs the ropes, but Deaner grabs Ryan and slams him. Both get to their feet, but Deaner hits a huge clothesline and then a powerbomb. He gets a 2 count. Jake then throws Ryan to the ropes and hits another clothes line, but Ryan recovers while Deaner runs the ropes and Ryan hits a clothesline of his own. Ryan fails at a suplex and Jake reverses the hold. Ryan

uses the ref as a shield and pokes Deaner’s eyes. Ryan then rolls up Jake and gets the pin. Ryan steals another from Cousin Jake and he bails out while Deaner is disappointed in the ring.

Winner Joseph P. Ryan

Kiera Hogan is shown in her home town of ATL walking the streets saying she is ready for her next challenge.

Match 4 The North (Champions) VS two guys know as the Creeps

The North are in a empty arena in Canada. They are arguing with fans that are not there. They are saying how they are going to face the best the world has to offer. The Creeps enter and they talk about the match. This is a joke match, as the Creep weigh about 100 lbs each. The match is over in about a minute. Page makes the pinfall.

Winners The North

Rosemary is shown at a bar again figuring her next move with her cards. The cards tell her to take hwhat she wants and she will be recognized by manipulation. Love and seduction are in her future.

Rohit is shown backstage. He claims he will take Moose’s spot in the #1 contender’s tournament and win it all even if the fans don’t like it. It is his time.

Match 5 Chris Bey VS Ace Austin VS Champion Willie Mack

Austin grabs the belt and tries to hit Mack with the belt as we begin. He misses, but you can tell this match is going to be fast paced right away. Mack hits a double clothesline after a Frankenstiener on Bey. Back from break, Ace and Bey are hit with a double Samoan Drop and then Mack hits a Moonsault on both competitors. Austin and Bey meet outside and decide to work together, but Austin immediately turns on Bey and leaves him on the outside after tossing his head into the turnbuckle. Ace enters the ring and takes the advantage with an arm hold and then uses his trademark playing card to slice Mack’s hand. Bey recovers and attacks Ace. Bey and Mack then trade blows. Bey hits some amazing kicks and nails Mack with a Poprana. Bey runs the ropes, but Ace grabs him from the outside. Mack recovers and flips to the outside on both Austin and Bey. Back from break, Mack gets hit with a Missile Drop Kick from Bey. Ace then hits a snap suplex on Bey. He follows up with knees to Bey’s midsection, while he was on the ground. Mack reenters the ring, but Ace takes him back out, but this give Bey a chance to hit Ace from behind and follow up the attack with a suplex of his own. Mack still cannot get in the ring as each foe take turns laying him out meanwhile going back and forth with punches and superkicks to each other. Ace hits a top rope legdrop and gets a count of two on Bey. Bey hits a desperation kick on Ace. While both recover Mack finally gets in the ring. All three are groggy, but they begin pounding on each other until Austin gains control. Mack then throws each man in opposite corners and crushes each guy in the corner repeatedly with splashes 4 times. Then he hits an Exploder Suplex on Bey. Mack goes to the top rope, but Austin follows him and both are on the top rope fighting. Mack slips under Austin while Bey leaps to Austin’s back and Mack double powerbombs them both. Mack then hits a Stunner on Bey. Austin hits a headsissor takedown on Bey and a spinning neckbreaker on Mack. Bey and Austin trade superkicks and Austin hits The Bold on Bey, but Mack makes the save. Austin then hits a spinning kick and follows it up with another on Mack. Mack was propped up on the top rope by Austin, who then

basement dropkicks Bey. Austin then races back to Mack to flip him off the rope, but Mack blocks the hold and Austin falls to the mat. Mack hits the Frog Splash and gets the 3 count on Austin.

Winner and still X Division Champion.. Willie Mack

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