WWE RAW Report 5/4/2020

May 4, 2020 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package to hype the feud between Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. We cut to the standard RAW intro video.

– We’re live on tape from the closed-set WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Tom Phillips welcomes us and hypes the show. Tom is joined by Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe.

– We goo right to the ring for another must see episode of The VIP Lounge with MVP as we see the Money In the Bank briefcases hanging high above the ring. He welcomes us. MVP admits things went sideways last week with his special episode on the men’s Money In the Bank match. He says things didn’t go as planned but they’ve moved on from that and this week will return to style, class and sophistication with the competitors from the women’s MITB match. MVP actually isn’t sure how this will turn out because of what happened the last time these three were in the ring together. He shows us what happened with Nia Jax, Asuka and Shayna Baszler last week. MVP introduces his first guest for tonight and out comes Asuka.

Asuka hits the ring and MVP says a few words in Japanese. He translates for her and says she’s in a good mood. Asuka takes a seat on one of the couches. MVP introduces Baszler and out she comes next, followed by Jax. Jax shoves over MVP’s red rope at ringside as Asuka and Baszler stare her down from their seats in the ring. We see Asuka nodding her head to Jax’s music, singing some of the lyrics. Jax chooses to sit on the small table in between the two couches. MVP asks her if she thinks she has the skillset to win MITB. Jax asks MVP if he even watches RAW, and has seen her dominate. Jax says she’s relentless and that’s the only skill she needs. MVP asks Asuka if she wants to respond but Asuka rants in Japanese, saying something about Kairi Sane and something else about Jax having a “big booty” it sounds like. MVP asks Baszler how her specific set of skills will help her win.

Baszler says “opera non verba” and goes on about how she does her talking in the ring, isn’t that right Asuka? Asuka goes into another rant. She and Baszler stand up, staring each other down. Jax goes to stand up but Baszler and Asuka both turn to kick her down, sending her out to the floor. Asuka and Baszler have words but MVP gets in between them, telling them to save it for Sunday. Jax recovers at ringside as Asuka’s music hits. We go to repays. Asuka taunts Baszler while MVP stays in between them. Baszler isn’t impressed.

– Still to come, the Last Chance Gauntlet Match. We see Bobby Lashley backstage warming up with Lana. We go to commercial.

Last Chance Gauntlet Match: Bobby Lashley, Titus O’Neil, Akira Tozawa, Shelton Benjamin, Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Austin Theory, AJ Styles

We go to the ring for tonight’s Last Chance Gauntlet Match to determine Apollo Crews’ Money In the Bank replacement. Bobby Lashley is out first, followed by Titus O’Neil. Tom says we’re not sure how many Superstars are in the match, or who the competitors are. They lock up and go at it.

Titus turns it around in the corner and rocks Lashley. Lashley ducks a clothesline and hits a big Spear in the middle of the ring. Lashley covers for the easy pin. Titus has been eliminated. Akira Tozawa is out next. Lashley smiles and tells him to come to the ring. Tozawa rushes the ring and connects with a kick. Tozawa with a missile dropkick fro the top. Tozawa gets ready to capitalize but Lashley hits a big Spear for another easy pin. Tozawa has been eliminated. Shelton Benjamin is out next.

Lashley meets Shelton at the apron and attacks. Shelton fights back and flies off the top with a big Blockbuster. Shelton ends up dumping Lashley over the top to the floor. Lashley comes right back to the apron but Shelton lands a knee to the head. Shelton with more offense, dropping Lashley out to the floor. Shelton tries to bring it back in but Lashley slams him back into the barrier as the referee counts. Lashley rams Shelton into the barrier again. Lashley breaks the count and sends Shelton into another part of the barrier. The referee counts again. Lashley rolls Shelton in and waits for him to get up. Shelton jumps over a Spear and they briefly tangle. Lashley delivers another Spear for the pin. Shelton has been eliminated. Humberto Carrillo is out next as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley runs into a corner boot from Carrillo. Lashley catches him off the top and drops him face-first into the mat. Lashley levels Carrillo and taunts him some. Carrillo blocks a power move and slides out. Carrillo with a kick to the face from the apron. Carrillo goes back to the top and nails a dropkick, then a moonsault off the roll-up for a close 2 count.

Carrillo goes back to the top but Lashley cuts him off and launches him to the mat. Lashley with a big clothesline in the corner. Lashley works Carrillo over while he’s down as the referee warns him. Lashley goes on but the referee ends up disqualifying him. Lashley has been eliminated. Lashley isn’t happy now. Lashley launches Carrillo across the ring and then hits a Spear. Lashley mounts Carrillo and beats on him as more referees run down to stop it. Carrillo’s cousin, Angel Garza, is out next with Zelina Vega.

Back from the break and Garza takes control. Garza keeps his cousin down and pulls his pants off, taunting him some more. Vega applauds from ringside as Garza mounts more offense. Garza with a big dropkick. Garza grounds Carrillo with a submission now. The camera cuts backstage to see an upset Bobby Lashley. Lana believes she could’ve helped him if she was out there in his corner. Now is not a good time as Lashley storms off.

Garza drops Carrillo face-first on the mat and follows up with a big superkick to the face. Carrillo stills kicks out and Garza shows some frustration. Garza puts boots to Carrillo and mocks him. Carrillo with a kick to the face and a hurricanrana. Carrillo with another kick to the face for a close 2 count. Carrillo lands bad off a move and Garza capitalizes for a 2 count as Carrillo gets his foot on the bottom rope. Garza with a Camel Clutch now in the middle of the ring. They tangle on the mat some more now and Garza shows more frustration because he can’t put his cousin away. Vega talks him down and encourages him as he goes to the middle rope, poses, then nails the big moonsault. Carrillo kicks out at 2.

More back and forth between the two. Carrillo blocks the Wing Clipper and rolls Garza up for the pin. Garza has been eliminated. Garza and Vega yell at the referee over the count. The music hits and out next comes Austin Theory. Theory hits the ring and stares Carrillo down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Theory stomps on Carrillo while pointing up at the briefcase. Theory keeps Carrillo down and covers for a 2 count as Vega cheers him on. Theory grounds Carrillo in the middle of the ring now. Carrillo tries to fight back but Theory goes right for the ribs and grounds Carrillo on the mat once again. Theory shuts Carrillo down again and talks trash in the corner. Carrillo fights out of a hold but Theory turns it around. Carrillo blocks a suplex and connects with big kicks. Carrillo comes off the middle rope with a crossbody but Theory lands a big right hand in mid-air for a close 2 count.

Theory takes Carrillo to the top and chops him. Theory goes for a superplex and hits it. Carrillo holds Theory and hooks the leg for the surprise pin out of nowhere. The music interrupts and out comes AJ Styles to make his return as the next entrant. This is AJ’s first appearance since losing the Boneyard Match to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. AJ heads to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Carrillo dropkicks AJ. Carrillo unloads in the corner and beats AJ down. Carrillo counters and they tangle. Styles unloads with knees to the gut to drop Carrillo. AJ stomps away on Carrillo while he’s down. The referee checks on Carrillo. AJ with more offense. AJ with an abdominal stretch and elbows to the ribs now. Carrillo gets the ropes to break the hold as the referee checks on him again.

AJ focuses on the ribs again but Carrillo gets free. Carrillo misses in the corner. AJ works on the leg now. AJ with a Dragon Screw leg whip. AJ with more punishment to the left leg of Carrillo. AJ with more offense to keep Carrillo down. Carrillo counters and hits a big DDT out of nowhere. Carrillo with an enziguri now. Carrillo with another big kick to the head. More back and forth between the two now. They collide and both go down. Styles with a pumphandle Gutbuster. Styles goes right into the Calf Crusher for the pin to win and advance to Money In the Bank.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, AJ stands tall as his music hits. AJ attacks and wraps Carrillo’s leg around the ring post a few times. We go to replays. AJ takes the mic and says he is not a zombie, not a ghost, he is The Phenomenal One. AJ says The Undertaker is not here to try and steal his spotlight this time. He admits he lost at WrestleMania 36 but says he lost nothing, there are no rules in a Boneyard Match. He didn’t lose anything. But that was then and this is now, and he has seized an opportunity to be in the most unique Money In the Bank match, and it’s worth it. In fact, he’s going to do anything, and he means anything, to get that MITB contract. If that means throwing Rey Mysterio or Aleister Black off the top of WWE HQ, then so be it. They haven’t been through what he’s been through or seen what he’s seen. AJ says get ready to re-write the history books because the truth is, he will be #1 because he’s winning the guaranteed WWE Title shot and then Mr. Money In the Bank will be phenomenal. The music hits.

– Still to come, The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders, plus Drew McIntyre vs. Murphy and a Seth Rollins interview. Back to commercial.

– The announcers show us some of the best Money In the Bank Ladder Match moments from over the years.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins as Mike Rome does the introduction. Charly Caruso is already in the ring. Rollins takes a seat and joins her. She brings up tonight’s non-title match between Murphy and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, asking how confident he is. Rollins says he has the upmost confidence in his disciple Murphy tonight.

Charly asks how he prepares for a match against someone as dominant as McIntyre. Rollins says that’s a good question because Drew is dominant, he’s a fighter, a warrior and an honorable man, but he is not a leader, and it’s not his destiny to be the champion that leads WWE into the future. It’s Rollins’ destiny. Seth knows Drew will put up a hell of a fight because the title means too much to him, but Rollins is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good that is his destiny. Rollins goes on about Drew not being ready, mentally or physically, for what comes with being a champion. Rollins is just trying to unburden Drew, not take anything from him. He’s trying to save Drew by putting it on his own shoulders, and that is the absolute truth. Rollins says at Money In the Bank his destiny will become a reality when he stands in the ring, his hand held high, and the announcement rings true – and new WWE Champion, The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins. Rollins sits back down as his music hits, staring straight ahead.

– WWE NXT Superstars Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink are backstage warming up. MVP approaches and gives them some words of encouragement. They’re confident for the match as they walk off. MVP says that’s what he’s talking about. Saxton hypes up the team of Cedric Alexander and Ricochet as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and announced for next week are Randy Orton and WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

– Tom leads us to a video on WWE and Make-A-Wish.

– Charly is backstage with Murphy now. She asks about Seth Rollins and tonight’s match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Murphy says maybe one day he will be on Seth’s level, maybe one day he will be better. He says he and Seth know this day will come but that is later, and now he wants to focus on this week. Murphy agrees with Seth thinking that Seth can beat Drew, but Murphy knows he can beat Drew.

Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

We go back to the ring and NXT Superstars Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink wait. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander are out next.

Vink starts off with Cedric and they go at it. Cedric connects first and uses his speed but Vink grabs him and launches him into the corner. Vink goes to work and in comes Thorne. Thorne drops Cedric and taunts Ricochet. Cedric rolls Thorne and then dropkick him. Ricochet tags in for some double team moves. Ricochet with a close 2 count.

Cedric tags back in and rocks Thorne while Ricochet holds him. Cedric fights off a double team attempt as Vink charges from the floor while he’s on the apron. This allows Thorne to rock Cedric and send him to the floor. Vink tags back in and launches Cedric into the barrier. Vink rings Cedric back in and grounds him in the middle of the ring. Thorne comes back in but Cedric ends up leveling him. Ricochet tags in. Ricochet goes to work on Thorne and hits a springboard crossbody. Vink tags in but Ricochet keeps control. Ricochet with an enziguri to Thorne in the corner, then a big top rope hurricanrana.

Cedric tags in for the double teaming on Thorne in the corner. Cedric with a big tornado DDT for a close 2 count as Vink breaks the pin up. Ricochet dumps Vink to the floor as he charges. Thorne fights Cedric off to block the Lumbar Check. Vink tags in but Cedric leaps with a big knee to the face. Ricochet tags in but Vink blocks the double team. Ricochet superkicks Vink and knees him next.

Thorne comes in with a huge cannonball to Cedric in the corner, sending him to the floor. Ricochet comes right back with a superkick to Thorne. Ricochet turns around and Vink immediately levels him with a running big boot. Vink covers Ricochet for the pin to get the big win.

Winners: Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne

– After the match, the Australian NXT Superstars stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Cedric and Ricochet look on from the ramp.

– Still to come, The Profits vs. The Vikings. We get more hype for Money In the Bank and go back to commercial.

The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders

We go back to the ring and out comes RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They take the mics and cut promos on the history between tonight’s opponents, and the venue we’re in tonight. Out next are The Viking Raiders for this non-title match – Erik and Ivar. They stop on the ramp and stare at the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and here we go. Ford and Erik go at it. Ford shows off some and Dawkins talks him up. Erik knocks Dawkins off the apron. Ford takes control of Erik in the corner. Ford shows off some more and swings but misses at Ivar on the apron. Erik drops Ford. Ivar runs around the ring and levels Dawkins on the floor with a big boot. Erik launches Ford across the ring. Ivar with a big splash to Dawkins against the barrier. Ivar levels Ford with a knee to the face in the ring.

Ivar tags in and goes to the top as Erik powerbombs Ford. Ivar flies from the top with a huge splash but Ford somehow kicks out. Ford with a jawbreaker to Ivar out of nowhere. Ivar stops Ford from tagging but Dawkins gets it. Dawkins unloads to beat Ivar into the corner. Dawkins gets the upperhand on both competitors now. Ford tags back in and they double team Ivar but he gets out and clotheslines Dawkins. Erik tags back in to get the upperhand with more double teaming. Ford takes a big double team into the corner but still kicks out at 2.

Erik with a big shoulder thrust and right hand to Ford in the corner. Ivar tags back in and hits Ford with a big knee and a clubbing shot over the back. Ivar with more offense to Ford for another close 2 count. Ivar keeps Ford grounded now. More back and forth between the two teams now. Erik runs for a dive on Dawkins but Dawkins rocks him. Ivar comes over but Dawkins drops him at ringside as well. Dawkins yells out as the referee counts. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Dawkins has Erik grounded in the middle of the ring. Ford tags in and ends up hitting a big dropkick to Erik. Erik still kicks out. Dawkins works Erik over against the ropes. Erik levels Dawkins and tags in Ivar. Ivar goes to work on Dawkins and hits the seated senton from the corner. Ivar with a cartwheel and more offense, leveling Ford as he runs in to send him to the floor. Ivar with the big splash to Dawkins in the corner. Dawkins kicks out at 2.

Ivar rocks Dawkins and tags Erik back in. Erik sends Dawkins into a big knee from Ivar. Erik drops Dawkins with a knee strike. Dawkins kicks out at 2. Dawkins blocks a knee and slams Erik with a gutwrench suplex. Erik and Dawkins both reach for tags now. Ivar and Ford go at it as they tag in. Ford unloads with strikes but can’t knock Ivar down. Ford finally brings Ivar to one knee with a kick to the back of the neck. Ford tries to get Ivar up but can’t. More back and forth. Dawkins tags in and they double team slam Ivar. The Profits with another double team but Ivar kicks out just in time. Ford tags back in for the double team but Ivar busts through them. Ivar with the double back elbow. Erik tags in and slams Ford over his knees, first the back and then the ribs.

Ford counters Erik and kicks Ivar while he’s up top. Erik with a big forearm to Ford. They go for the Viking Experience on Ford but Dawkins runs in and flattens Erik. Ford tangles with Ivar and hits a big DDT. Dawkins tags in. Dawkins and Ford with The Cash Out on Ivar but Erik breaks the pin up with a huge running knee to the face of Dawkins. Erik backdrops Ford to the floor. Dawkins and Erik go at it now. Ivar comes in and they catch Dawkins with the Viking Experience for the pin and the non-title win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

– After the match, Erik and Ivar stand tall as their music hits. We go to replays. Erik and Ivar stand tall over the champs, talking some trash to wrap the segment.

– Charly is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Charly asks about Murphy saying earlier that he knows he can beat Drew. Drew says he must have really hit Murphy with that Claymore last week. McIntyre goes on about McIntyre sacrificing himself for Seth Rollins, and isn’t worried about possibly losing tonight’s match. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get more classic Money In the Bank moments.

– We go backstage to Charly and The Viking Raiders. She asks what they credit their success to. They say this isn’t success, it’s dominance, and they respect The Street Profits but The Vikings are just the better team. They go on and say tonight they extinguished the smoke, like they do every other night.

– We get a replay of AJ Styles’ post-match promo on Money In the Bank from earlier, where he said he might throw Aleister Black or Rey Mysterio off WWE HQ. The camera cuts to Aleister Black in the back somewhere. He addresses AJ and asks him how it felt to be buried alive in darkness. One thing it didn’t do is make AJ humble because now he’s talking about throwing Black off a building. Black says if AJ somehow manages to throw him off the building, he better pray that Black doesn’t get back up because Black will climb the ladder and take the MITB contract, and when that happens, AJ will wish he was buried deeper than just six feet.

– Still to come, Charlotte Flair is here. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Rey Mysterio is backstage. For the first time he’s not sure what to expect in a WWE match this Sunday. He goes on about the Money In the Bank match at WWE HQ and calls it the riskiest match of his career, by far. He talks more about the match and says he doesn’t know how many title matches he has left, and yes this one is risky, but the risk is worth the reward.

– We go back to the ring and out comes WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Flair hits the ring with a mic and talks about being the hardest working woman in any industry. She talks about pulling double duty on RAW and NXT. She says she will be defending against Io Shirai this Wednesday night. Flair goes on about the match and says Shirai will have the privilege of bowing down to The Queen. The music interrupts and out comes Liv Morgan to the stage. Morgan asks Flair if she remembers her. Flair indicates she will not be taking the new Liv Morgan seriously. Liv walks to the ring and continues taunting Flair, saying she will be champion one day. Flair says Liv doesn’t even know who she is, but Flair knows who she is. They have some more words and Flair says Liv, like Io, will also bow down to The Queen. Liv calls for a referee so we can see what happens. Liv enters the ring as Flair looks bothered to be competing. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video package for Jinder Mahal.

Charlotte Flair vs. Liv Morgan

We go back to the ring for this non-title match as Liv Morgan locks up with NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. They break and lock up two more times as the trash talk continues. They go back to the mat and trade holds with Flair getting the upperhand. Flair keeps control and keeps Morgan grounded.

Liv fights free but Flair drops her with a big shoulder. Flair avoids a counter and hits Liv with a big boot to the face. The referee asks Liv if she wants to quit. Flair taunts Liv and kicks her around, talking trash. Liv keeps coming as the referee warns her. Flair mocks the referee and he tells her not to. Flair keeps Liv in the corner and eats a big forearm to the face. Liv turns it around with strikes in the corner. Flair pushes her off. Liv with a dropkick now to bring Flair down to her knee. Liv with a head scissors takedown and more offense until Flair cuts her off and levels her with a big clothesline out of the corner.

Liv dodges a shot in the corner and ends up hitting a missile dropkick from the corner. Liv charges but Flair launches her into the turnbuckles. Flair stomps away while Liv is down in the corner. The referee warns her and Flair shows off as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Flair uses a scissors to slam Liv face-first into the mat a few times. Flair takes Liv back to the corner but Liv tries to fight out. Liv kicks Flair back. Flair ducks a shot and they trade more back and forth action. Liv mounts some offense now and drops Flair on her face. Liv levels Flair in the middle of the ring. Liv with a big stomp in the corner, sending Flair face-first into the mat. Liv with a close 2 count.

Flair rocks Liv with a back elbow as she approaches. Flair sends Liv to the apron and drops her with a strike to the face. Liv drops Flair over the top rope to stun her. Liv slides in to pull Flair down but Flair cuts her off and stomps away as the referee warns her. Flair taunts Liv and smacks her around. Liv fights back and drops Flair with a jawbreaker. Liv comes off the middle rope with double knees to the face, stunning Flair again.

Liv gets up first and goes for a hurricanrana but Flair overpowers her, catches the move in mid-air for a big powerbomb. Liv still kicks out at 2. Flair smiles at the kick out. Flair with big chops in the corner now while talking trash. The referee backs her off and they argue. Liv comes off the ropes but Flair catches her and turns that into the Boston Crab. Flair tightens the hold but Liv finally gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Liv with a drop toe hold to send Flair onto the middle rope. Flair ducks a clothesline in the corner and drops Liv onto her knee. Flair drops Liv in the corner again. Liv keeps fighting in the corner and cuts Flair off again. Liv runs into the corner and brings Flair off the top turnbuckle into double knees again. Liv with two quick pin attempts as she shows some frustration. Liv charges for Ob-Livion but Flair moves and she gets stuck on the ropes. Flair keeps control and applies the Figure Four, bridging into the Figure Eight for the submission win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– After the match, Flair stands tall as the music hits. She clutches the title as we go to replays. Flair raises the title in the air while Liv recovers out on the floor. Flair exits with the title in the air.

– Tom leads us to another throwback Money In the Bank moment, which is the top MITB moment in history. This is Seth Rollins cashing in on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 to capture the WWE Universal Title. No mention of Roman Reigns.

– Back from the break and the announcers hype Money In the Bank.

Drew McIntyre vs. Murphy

We go back to the ring and out first comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for tonight’s non-title main event. Murphy is out next, accompanied by Seth Rollins. Rollins stops at the stage and nods for Murphy to continue to the ring as McIntyre looks on.

Rollins watches from the stage, staring McIntyre down. The bell rings and they lock up. Drew sends Murphy right to the mat. Murphy goes to the floor and comes right back in. Murphy hits Drew in the face and locks him up but just angers him. They run the ropes and Drew runs over Murphy with a big shoulder. Drew stares at Rollins as Murphy slowly walks up the ramp. Drew comes from behind and Murphy turns around to a big boot on the ramp.

Drew picks Murphy up at ringside, ramming him back and forth into the barriers and the apron. Drew launches Murphy over the barrier. Murphy lands on the concrete. Drew returns to the ring and taunts Rollins. Drew goes back out and drops Murphy onto the edge of the stage. Drew with a big chop to the chest. Drew beats Murphy back to the ringside area while Rollins watches. Murphy ends up taking advantage of Drew staring at Rollins, dropkicking him through the ropes to turn it around.

Murphy beats Drew around ringside, sending him into the ring post to stun him. Murphy brings it back in and goes to the top for a big super Meteora. Murphy covers for the pin but Drew powers out for a 1 count. Rollins slowly walks down the ramp now while Murphy delivers big kicks to the back. Drew gets up and puts Murphy down with one big chop. Drew keeps control but misses several strikes. Murphy keeps fighting back but Drew rocks him with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt out of nowhere.

Drew talks trash to Murphy while waiting for him to get up. Rollins watches from the bottom of the ramp. Drew runs into a kick. Murphy with more offense to stun Drew near the corner. Murphy goes to the top but Drew chops him off, sending him into the barrier and the floor. Rollins watches as Drew brings it back in the ring. Drew comes off the top with a big right hand. Drew kips up and shoots Rollins another look. Drew takes Murphy to the top but Murphy fights out and kicks him. Murphy turns that into a big powerbomb from the corner but Drew still kicks out at 1.

Murphy looks at Rollins and nods as he waits for Drew to get back up. Murphy counts down from 3, signaling a Claymore of his own, and goes to charge but Drew charges first with a big Claymore Kick. Drew covers for the pin to get the non-title win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall with the WWE Title as his music hits. We go to replays. Rollins looks like he’s going to enter the ring now as he’s on the steps. Drew invites him in to come and fight. Rollins stops on the apron and just stares Drew down. Drew drops to his knees and begs Rollins to come fight. Rollins steps down from the apron and marches up to the stage, heading to the back. Drew says what a shock. Drew stands tall as his music resumes. Drew turns around and Rollins levels him with a huge superkick out of nowhere. Rollins yells about how this isn’t about Drew, it’s bigger than the both of them. It’s bigger than… Rollins spots the WWE Title on the mat and picks it up. He stares at it for a few seconds and puts it back down. Rollins runs the ropes to deliver a Stomp but Drew jumps up and grabs him by his throat. Drew puts Rollins down with a big Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Drew waits on Rollins to get up, calling him a coward. Drew charges for a Claymore but Rollins quickly retreats to the floor. Drew clutches the title and looks on at Rollins clutching his jaw on the stage. Drew paces around the ring as the two Money In the Bank opponents stare each other down. RAW goes off the air.

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