Bliss Says She’s Used To Having No Crowd Reaction After Her Time In NXT

May 4, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with, Alexa Bliss said that she’s not as bothered by WWE’s recent empty arena shows as she’s used to having no crowd reaction after her time in NXT. 

She said: “Well, actually when I was a good guy back in NXT, when I first started in the ring, I didn’t get reaction anyway as a good guy, so I’m used to having no crowd reaction. I didn’t get any reaction until I became a bad guy, but I guess I got used to it because we would have practice matches all the time in NXT where there wasn’t anyone there, and I think it’s fun. I think it challenges us to try something new and to be extra vocal in the ring and help that dynamic of telling the story,” Bliss said. “We use the fans a lot in what we do and to tell our stories by using the crowd reaction, but when the crowd reaction is not there, we have to add another element to it. And I just think it’s a good challenge and I don’t really see much difference with it, to be honest.“

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