WWE UK broadcaster BT Sport with a successful theme songs world cup on social media

May 3, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE’s broadcast partner in the United Kingdom, BT Sport, ran a very successful WWE Theme Songs World Cup on their @BTSportWWE Twitter account where thousands of fans voted from 32 pre-selected themes that even got WWE Superstars interacting.

The 32 themes were split in groups of four with the top two from each group advancing to the round of 16.

The theme songs which reached the round of 16 were ‘Sexy Boy’ of Shawn Michaels, ‘Slow Chemical’ of Kane, ‘Are You Ready?’ of DX, ‘Real American’ of Hulk Hogan, ‘RIP’ of The Undertaker, ‘I Walk Alone’ of Batista, ‘No Chance In Hell’ of Vince McMahon, ‘Burn In My Light’ of Randy Orton, ‘Broken Dreams’ of Drew McIntyre, ‘Electrifying’ of The Rock, ‘Cult of Personality’ of CM Punk, ‘Sky’s The Limit’ of Sasha Banks, ‘Shock The System’ of The Undisputed Era, ‘The Rising Sun’ of Shinsuke Nakamura, ‘I Won’t Do What You Told Me’ of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and ‘Metalingus’ of Edge.

Reaching the quarter finals were Shawn Michaels vs DX, Batista vs Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre vs CM Punk, and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Edge. The semi finals featured Shawn Michaels vs Batista and CM Punk vs Edge.

After Edge’s ‘Metalingus’ made it to the final, the other poll between Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sexy Boy’ and Batista’s ‘I Walk Alone’ ended in a tie, with both themes getting 50% of the fans’ votes. And in typical wrestling fashion, we had a triple threat final.

Following 24 hours of voting and nearly 24,000 votes, Edge’s ‘Metalingus’ by Alter Bridge was crowned the winner with 51% of the votes, with Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sexy Boy’ coming in second with 34% and Batista’s ‘I Walk Alone’ performed by Saliva getting 15% of the votes.

Other theme songs which were part of this World Cup included Mark Henry’s ‘Some Bodies Gunna Get It,’ Eric Bischoff’s ‘I’m Back,’ ‘LoveFuryPassionEnergy’ from Lita, ‘All The Things She Said’ from Victoria, ‘Rockhouse’ from nWo, ‘My Time’ from Triple H, ‘Real Man’s Man’ from William Regal, ‘Word Life’ from John Cena, ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ from Edge, ‘Lie Cheat Steal’ from Eddie Guerrero, ‘Medal’ from Kurt Angle, ‘Glorious’ from Bobby Roode, ‘Here Comes The Money’ from Shane McMahon, ‘Blood’ from The Brood, ‘619’ from Rey Mysterio, and ‘Line In The Sand’ from Evolution.

Perhaps the biggest surprises were the elimination of the nWo, Bobby Roode, and Evolution theme songs which failed to get enough votes to go through the next round.

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