How Moxley reacted to the Firefly Funhouse “this is such good sh**” line being used

May 3, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Jon Moxley was recently interviewed by the New York Post. During the interview, he was asked about “Such Good Sh*t” being said at Wrestlemania 36.

For those wondering, Moxley had done some interviews after leaving WWE, where he mentioned that same line. Here is how Moxley reacted when he heard it at Wrestlemania:

“I kind of popped for it, honestly. I thought it was pretty funny. But it’s like, I think I might have popularized that or made it into a pop culture thing, but everybody knows that’s what he says. He’s been saying that for decades. People who were probably doing Vince McMahon impressions have been saying ‘that’s good sh*t’ before I even got into wrestling

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