Mickie James Discusses the Unique Position of WWE Doing Empty Arena Shows

May 2, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with KLAS – 8 News, Mickie James spoke about the WWE superstars currently performing at empty arena shows, which she called a unique experience. Here are highlights: 

On raising money for children with a new song: “I just really started with new a duet, actually myself and this girl Rosevelt Ross. I worked with a friend of mine, Sean Gasaway, and wrote, ‘With The Love Of A Child,’ and asked if she would sing on it with me so we could have the proceeds go back to Child Help. She’s already doing this 5TooMany campaign, where she’s trying to raise a million dollars for Child Help to go towards these villages where they provide all these different types of therapy. So the goal is, with this song and the 5TooMany challenge, that Rosevelt’s challenge that she’s already doing by five dollars at a time, you know, and to kind of spread the love and stop this 5TooMany for the five children who die everyday in America, alone.” 

On the one moment of her career that stands out: “I think that everyone knows my first championship win was obviously a huge, monumental moment in my life and in my career and I think that really then set the stage for the rest of my career.” 

On empty arena shows: “I don’t think I’ve been in that position, except for when I was trying to make it and there was, like, four people in the audience. To not have that immediate reaction from the fans to then, one, make us feel and know we are telling the story correctly and we’re doing our job correctly, but then also to have that immediate, like, fire inside of you that is driven by the fans. It makes for a really unique experience, I think, on both ends.”

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