Former WWE superstar on a possible sale of WWE

May 2, 2020 - by James Walsh

Recently, rumors of a potential sale of WWE have become popular online. Many journalists have theorized that with the failure of the XFL due to situations beyond anyone’s control and the recent firings of WWE talent, Vince McMahon might be approaching the end of his time in charge of WWE. Of course, these are just rumors. 

Recently, two top WWE executives sold off all of their WWE stock including long-time Vince McMahon right-hand man Kevin Dunn. This seems to ahve fanned the flames of a possible sale of the WWE. 

A few years ago, a report suggested that WWE was in talks to be sold to Warner Media. Some even went as far as to make goof graphics of Bugs Bunny leaning up against the WWE logo rather than the WB logo. Other reports, more recent ones, had ESPN, a Disney company, trying to secure the rights to WWE’s library and content for their ESPN app. Those reports were getting some traction as WWE was looking to make more money off WrestleMania this year. This was before the zombie Kung Flu hit and no one made any money in any way whatsoever. 

With Vince showing his age on SmackDown talling a sad confused Uncle like story about Triple H to celebrate his 25 years of conniving for position in glowing, un-knowing terms, we might actually be seeing the beginning of the end of the Vince McMahon era of WWE unfold before our eyes. 

Former WWE Executive and pro wrestler “Simon Dean” AKA “Super Nova” Muke Bucci weighed in on the rumors on Facebook. We tried to embed the post but that option was not available. Bucci wrote: 

“I’ve been asked this question a ton over the last week so I’ll answer it now. Yes, I could see a large portion, if not the majority share, of the WWE being sold to a major company like Fox or Disney. At the end of the day the WWE is a television company and they create a television product. Networks need programming and content. WWE can provide that. I don’t know if the WWE Network ever achieved what they thought it was going to. House shows lose money most of the time and Live Events overall are not what they used to be. Vince McMahon just had a huge headache with the cancellation of Wrestlemania and bankruptcy of the XFL. There are multiple lawsuits from events of the past few years and overall, I bet Vince is just tired. I know I would be. If the company is sold I’m sure they’ll be some type of provision for certain members of the company to retain roles as executives, content producers, other roles and some would have some type of minority ownership. 

Ratings have declined over the past few years and got worse during this pandemic. Even when they come back and start running things again, I don’t quite see it ever being the way it used to be. They’re going to have to make a paradigm shift in the business philosophy. 

Things will have to change or professional wrestling as we know it will wind up in the same category as roller derby or the circus. There has to be something done to attract the next generation of fans. Kids and teenagers today are not as enthralled with wrestling as my generation was or the generation before that. It’s fact. There are more avenues of entertainment today for these young viewers to partake in than ever before. They live in an online world, a world of video games, other action sports, YouTube, Superheroes, Disney +, Netflix, etc. 

I’m not sure what the solution is but I do think before this calendar year is out the professional wrestling landscape will be completely changed forever. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but as long as it’s a different thing, the industry still has a chance. I hope it does. Everything I have achieved in my life was due to professional wrestling and the lessons I learned from it. Both good and bad. I would hate to see it go away….” 

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