Darby Allin: “I am powered by that negativity”

May 1, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“I am powered by that negativity. You can look at a lot of people, the best times in life are either A: they’re angry, or B: they’re sad. And that goes for everybody. Musicians, some people write their best songs when they’re pissed off or sad. So negativity’s never going to go away with people, so it’s always there, but it kind of just drives me to wake up and not be in the place I was seven years ago and just feeling lost and not knowing what’s next in life, and just hoping, one day, things will break out. It’s about never getting comfortable. That’s the word I’m searching for. Complacent or comfortable. I just stay far away from those two phrases.”

source: Bleacher Report

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