Cody: “Zack Ryder is the best”

May 1, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Cody Rhodes commented on Zack Ryder & Heath Slater possibly joining AEW:

“Zack Ryder is the best. He’s got over two million followers on Twitter and over a million followers on Instagram. Very broadinfluence, incredibly famous, more famous than many guys out there. But that doesn’t always translate. The biggest hurdle he’ll face is his friendship with me. He’s one of my only really close friends in wrestling. Maybe my only friend in wrestling. I have my brother (in AEW), I have my beautiful wife, and they all do the work. This can’t be All Friends Wrestling.

You have to handle it the best way. If you put on the Nightmare Family jacket, you’ve got a massive bullseye on your back, just in the locker-room alone. It’s a total heat seeker. But I’m looking forward to what he does next. He’ll turn a lot of heads. I think and hope our paths will cross down the road. He’s just entering wrestler prime. Men’s wrestler prime is 35 to 40.”

Cody then said the following about Heath Slater possibly joining AEW:

“Nope. No on Heath Slater.”

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