Tony Khan and Cody Responsible for Writing Recent AEW Dynamite Episodes

Apr 30, 2020 - by James Walsh

The most recent episodes of AEW Dynamite were reportedly all written by Tony Khan, with Cody’s help. PWInsider reports that the word backstage was that Khan wrote all the episodes from the most recent tapings as Khan, realizing that he would have a small crew due to the lockdown, sat down and wrote all of the episodes on the fly in a matter of minutes.

Khan built the shows around the TNT Championship tournament as well as available local talents. PWInsider describes it as a “trial by fire” situation where they had to adapt to the rapidly-evolving situation. The tapings were focused around the idea of making the shows like old territorial TV shows which Khan was a huge fan of in terms of Memphis and Continental Wrestling.

Cody was said to be “very instrumental” in helping to put the shows together, and has been very hands-on with his own programs and those of others.

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