Jim Cornette and Joey Ryan Argue Over Vader Taking Liberties

Apr 29, 2020 - by James Walsh

Jim Cornette and Joey Ryan are in another Twitter feud, this time about comments Ryan made regarding Vader. Ryan retweeted a video of Vader working very stiff in WWE against enhancement talent Tim McNeany and said, “Give me Kenny Omega making his enhancement talent look credible and a threat over Vader taking liberties on a guy just trying to get a job. Thankful that the bully culture in wrestling has declined and that we’re evolving past it.”

After another Twitter user retweeted a screenshot of Ryan’s post, Cornette — who has long had an issue with Ryan — took to his account to take shots at Ryan. Without commenting on the Vader clip, Cornette said, “Morning thoughts on Dick Boy: 1. A grown man using the term “bully culture” is a p—y. 2. He BETTER be glad wrestling’s changed or his ass wouldn’t be allowed in it. 3. There is Evolving and DEvolving. 4. [Ryan] is an insufferable whiny douche & needs his p—y powdered.”

Ryan then responded to point out that he’s not knocking Vader because he worked in a different era where it was expected to do so, and that in a world where we know about head trauma, brain damage and CTE, “this is a bizarre hill for you to die on.” He said that the jobber in question “was in no place to cover up or fight back without getting heat on himself. Having numerous peers and colleagues careers shortened by head injuries, I’m thankful it doesn’t need to be this way anymore.”

Vader’s son, who now runs the late Hall of Famer’s account, chimed in to share his thoughts on the matter and how working with the likes of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen early in his career led to Vader’s in-ring style. He also said, “On an additional note… Pops and [Omega] in [NJPW] at the Tokyo Dome both in their primes woulda been $$$,” which Omega popped in to say would have been a dream match for him.

McNeany also weighed in, saying: “For the record, I’m the jobber in this clip. This was my 2nd time working with Vader back then, and believe it or not, he never hurt me. In this case, I didn’t go down, because going down too early could hurt worse later. I’ve worked MUCH stiffer guys than Vader. He was cool.”

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