Becky Lynch to appear on Showtime’s season five premiere episode of Billions

Apr 29, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch will be appearing on the season five premiere of Billions, the hit television series on Showtime.

The news was announced today live on The Bump which also had Billions co-creator and executive producer Brian Koppelman as a guest. Koppelman is a huge long-time WWE fan and credited Lynch for bringing him back so to speak.

“Becky Lynch really brought me all the way back in over the past few years, the arrival of somebody who has that much power, charisma, force, and integrity in what they do in the ring and the fact that it’s a woman who seems to combine the most important aspects of so many of the greatest wrestlers ever,” Koppelman said.

Lynch then was brought in via another video call and announced that she will be part of the premiere which will air on May 3. Becky said she’s a big fan of the show and a dream come true for her.

When asked how the two became friends, Koppelman said that he wore one of Becky’s t-shirts during a Billions panel and the Twitter world noticed. “Someone online asked if I am a fan and I said ‘The Man rules’ and then Becky and I started becoming pals,” Koppleman said.

Koppleman put over Lynch as an actress and said the producers saw a bunch of her stuff on the Network including her WWE 24 episode and started writing a character for her on the show.

“And then Becky came and I swear to God, killed it. All the actors who worked with her all were like ‘can we put her on the show more’ she can handle it!”

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